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Food & Drink

A Dairy Heaven in Kolonaki

Ever since its launch, Kostarelos’ Kolonaki store has been a foodie destination to feed gourmand shopping needs and cravings. This elegant urban dairy deli packs a lot of punch: here is the place to try Greece’s celebrated thick, creamy strained yoghurts, the protein-rich breakfast staple that has been trending as the most popular healthy...

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Let’s talk about Parla

Captained by Thodoris Papanikolaou - the gastro-genius who brought us such sophisticated tastes at Sense Fine Dining at AthensWas - Parla has just taken up residence in a charming aristocratic dwelling in Kifissia (next door to Cava Vinifera). Lovers of top-notch Italian cuisine (and face it, isn’t that pretty much everyone?) ...

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Top 5 Tea Rooms in Athens

Time for Tea? It’s fair to say that the much-loved Anglo-Saxon ritual of afternoon tea has never really been a “thing” here in Greece. Why would it … in a land when lunch is barely served by the time most Brits are already reaching for the kettle to brew up that first afternoon cuppa? But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some truly terrific...

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Milos sets Sail

One of the world’s most celebrated seafood restaurants, Milos, has taken to the seas. In a new culinary venture that’s sure to thrill Milos’ more affluent fanbase, the global bastion of fine marine morsels has launched “Milos at Sea”: an opportunity to savour the gastronomic philosophy of Costas Spiliadis while exploring the b...

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Sweet Elixirs of Life

Greece’s liqueurs are like postcards, boasting of regional distinctions and an intoxicating array of raw ingredients. Beautiful, old-fashioned bottles, traditional recipes from village and city homes, unique tastes. These are the characteristics of Greece’s unusual liqueurs. They are products that have stood the test of time, ...

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3rd Athens Street Food Festival

WHAT: What does Athens taste like? Find out at the 3rd Athens Street Food Festival, a celebration of the city’s most popular “street delicacies” and many prized urban morsels from the kitchens of Europe, America, Asia and Africa, to be held over three long weekends in May. Across a total downtown space area of 4000 sqm, foodies can indulge all in t...

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3 Warming Greek Recipes for Winter

Through exquisite recipes and photographs of her beloved Greece, Australian-born Greek Ruth Bardis shares her family's stories and the regional specialties of their cuisine in her award-winningbook “Hellenic Kanella: Memories Made in a Greek Kitchen”. Insider brings you three of her favourite winter warming dishes from her stylish and hea...

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