Be an Easter Angel with these magical Gourmet Greek Gift Hampers

Be an Easter Angel with these magical Gourmet Greek Gift Hampers

Food is – and always will be – an emotional affair. That’s why we’re all over these delectable Greek foodie hampers from A Magic Cabinet, with clever themes that capture all the right feels. This Easter, choose from “I feel like breakfast in bed”; “I feel like a Greek Islander”; “I Feel Like Eating Pasta All Day” – and at least a dozen more!

Easter gift Hampers by A Magic Cabinet

Eugenia Chandris’ online shopping platform “A Magic Cabinet” is an ode to the old-timey cabinets of curiosities, either rooms or pieces of furniture, that displayed all kinds of treasures and wonders. Inspired by an actual Italian cabinet depicting Greek and Persian figures from antiquity, from which her mother would dispense small gifts to children at the start of the summer holidays, she created her own collections of carefully curated collectibles.

She has worked with some of the best small, artisanal Greek producers to bring you, just in time for Easter, 18 different hampers gathering their finest fare. There really is something to please everyone, to satisfy every mood and craving; for the food aficionados on the hunt for new sweet and savoury delicacies; for those who want to explore Greece’s gastronomic riches; for those who wish to pamper their loved ones with a small… edible feast.

Eugenia Chandris, whose shopping platform A Magic Cabinet lets you indulge in curated guilty pleasures

Have your breakfast tray ready. The “I Feel Like Breakfast in Bed” hamper is a great way to start the day, brimming with cassius butter, aronia berries, strawberry jam with cookies, an organic herbal infusion, a tahini spread with white chocolate, and a mouth-watering pistachio praline cream.

The “I Feel Like a Sample of Greece” hamper includes a handful of Greek favourites and artisanal goods: a jar of flower honey, a tangerine mustard sauce with truffle oil from Chios, natural salt flakes, a chutney with olive and fig, and a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil.

Among other gift hamper options, the “I Feel Like a Greek Islander” basket is perfect for those dreaming of island hopping, the “I Feel Like Eating Pasta All Day” is ideal for pasta fanatics, and the “I Feel like Discovering Olive Oil” and “I Feel like an Olive Oil Connoisseur” selections showcase some interesting variations of high-quality Greek olive oil.

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