5 Easy Ways to bring Michelin Magic to your Table

5 Easy Ways to bring Michelin Magic to your Table

Want to elevate your festive feast to a Michelin-worthy affair this year? Michelin-awarded chef Arnaud Bignon shares some simple creative hacks for dishing up a meal to remember, whatever your budget.

A self-confessed chocolate lover, who dreams of ‘two straight nights of uninterrupted sleep,’ award-winning chef Arnaud Bignon lay claim to being one of the youngest ever chefs to earn twin Michelin stars at the age of just 32 while at the helm of Spondi. As someone who has trained and worked with legendary chefs Alain Ducasse and Eric Frechon, it wasn’t surprising that Arnaud went on to earn another 2 Michelin stars at The Greenhouse in London where he was Executive Head Chef until 2018 before moving back to his beloved Greece as the Group Manager for the Trastelis group of fine dining restaurants. Despite the blow the restaurant sector has been dealt with, he shares his optimism for the future and creative hacks to refashion festive Michelin moments at home.

Arnaud Bignon

Chef, you’ve moved back to Athens after a successful stint in London. What is it about Athens, despite its challenges, that drew you back?

After spending 6 years in London, it was time for me to come back to a country that I love deeply. I love the culture of this country, the people and their products. Coming back to Spondi with different responsibilities is very stimulating professionally.

What message would you have for your customers to continue their support for the restaurant industry?

I want to tell them that we are ready to welcome them as soon as possible with all the sanitary conditions necessary for their safety and for that of our staff as well. I know they are looking forward to restaurants reopening again like we are.

Upscale restaurants, especially the Michelin restaurants you oversee, have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. How will premium restaurants adapt to our new reality?

First of all, I think that all restaurants, from tavernas to gourmet restaurants, will need to re-think what we offer, we need to offer something that is even more special, that strives towards excellence.  I’m not referring to sanitary standards because we’ve all understood that it’ll never be the same again. I really think that people are going to come to our restaurants less and less, so when they do, they will be very demanding, for everything. We will need to rethink our offer and be more innovative.


Could you give our readers 5 professional tips to recreate a festive Michelin meal at home? 

  1. Pay particular attention to the purchase of products to make the meal, products of high quality and cook them in the noblest way.
  2. Use your finest tableware.
  3. To add finesse to your menu, choose festive products such as foie gras, shellfish, game. If you can, make a nice dessert to share.
  4. Choose a wine for each dish and for dessert you can be more original and serve a cherry-based beer with a chocolate dessert or even a poirée with a pear-based dessert.
  5. The important thing is not to use expensive products but to cook products with respect and love.

Your favourite festive recipe that’s easy-to-follow and sure to impress? 

An easy recipe based on oysters that will surprise your guests.

  • Crack open 6 oysters per person, drain the liquid and keep aside. With a kitchen blowtorch, lightly colour the oysters and put them back in the fridge.
  • Spin cucumbers through a juicer and strain the juice through a colander, then add the briny liquid from the oysters and a little wasabi.
  • Freeze it and when it’s hard, scrape it off with a fork.
  • When serving, place 6 oysters per person nicely on a plate with coarse salt or seaweed and sprinkle generously with this frozen, flavour-packed granita and enjoy.

On a personal note:

Who cooks at home?


 Can you enjoy a meal without your brain working and analyzing every ingredient?

Yes of course, without any problem.

The one cooking utensil you’d highly recommend every aspiring home cook should have.

A rasp or a Microplane (for grating)

A Greek ingredient you cannot do without.

Greek honey.

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