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The Baklava Challenge: Master this Greek dessert with an easy-to-follow recipe

Make the most of the lockdown and try and master a few classic Greek desserts. Private chef and culinary expert, Christina Vlahoulis, is spending quality quarantine time in her Athens kitchen, whipping up a storm of Greek delights such as the always classic baklava. It’s time to face your fears of phyllo and dive head first into this baki...

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DIY Greek Easter Basics

Rita Wilson famously described Greek Easter with the words, “We don’t do bunnies. We don’t do chocolate. We don’t do pastels. We do lamb, sweet cookies, and deep red.” The lamb is roasted and is not chocolate, the sweet cookies are called Koulorakia and are twisted like a braid, and our Easter eggs are dyed one colour only: blood red. Ins...

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Bittersweet Quarantini 

In another life, until a few weeks ago, he used to cruise the high seas and notch up frequent flier miles as the Director of Hotel Operations for Global Maritime Cruises. Quarantined at home, Elian Clauss now hosts his virtual apéro soirées concocting corona cocktails! All it takes to craft cutting-edge cocktails is some imagi...

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When Did Beer Appear?

We know Greeks were one of the first cultures to produce wine, but just how early did beer come on the scene. In her series on Food and Drink in Greek Archeology, Holley Martlew investigates. This has been one of the riddles of early Greek civilization -- until recently when state of the art scientific analyses were applied to...

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The bars you’ll want to seek

Elena Panayides rounds up the coolest watering holes where the city's hipster set hang out. Couleur Locale As the name suggests, this is where the locals go and many of them still aren’t in the know! Located in the Normanou alleyway off Ermou Street, you’ll hesitatingly enter an antique furniture shop. Past the dusty tables and...

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Artfully Delicious

If you haven’t found time yet to road-test Simul at Kolonaki … we have just this to say: Make Time. Simul's minimal, chic and beautifully-lit space, combined with the venue’s ample natural light, all adds up to a chill, relaxed mood. What feels really fresh about this likeable venture from chef Nikos Thomas though is his “Mix ...

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A foodie’s Lenten glossary

With an array of Lenten treats on offer, the 40-day pre-Easter abstinence feels more like indulgence than penance. A quick Insider guide to learning Lenten terms and dos and don’ts For Greeks, even fasting is all about food! In fact, Lent reflects the rich culinary repertoire of the country, relying heavily on seasonal veggies...

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How to celebrate Ash Monday Like a Greek

With so many Ash Monday dishes to try, this Lenten holiday feels more like indulgence than penance. But what exactly is Ash Monday, or Clean Monday as it is also known? What are you supposed to spend the day doing? And, most importantly, where can you go for delicious meatless food? We’re here to answer all your questions. SOME ...

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