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Stay Home

The Good Doctor

The good doctor is taking a much deserved break and an eternally grateful nation thanks the selfless efforts of our epidemiological whiz. John Carr's paean to Dr. Sotiris Tsiodras. Well, who'da thunk it, girls and boys, He who never made much noise, Yet measured out his words so clear, Has opted out of the public sphere. H...

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So long Frappé, Hello Freddo!

If you’ve been to Greece before and still nurse your frappé fantasies, its time you switched like the rest of Greece has, to its new world order and summer obsession, the freddo! When did frappé get dethroned as coffee king? Depends on whom you ask. But all the baristas Athens Insider spoke to claim that only 10 percent of col...

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Lessons in solidarity

Peter Poulos, Executive Director at The Hellenic Initiative harnesses his solitude in lockdown to raise funds for those hardest hit by the Covid pandemic. Over a month ago on March 23rd Athens went into a lockdown/quarantine which required each of us to notify the government with an SMS message when we needed to leave our home...

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Corona Art 

If not walls, then rooftops! Young grafitti artist S.F. takes his spray paint and imagination a few floors high and sends a message of hope and solidarity offering an insight into how the youth relate to this very surreal experience. Confinement. Viruses. Masks. Deaths. Gloves. Hand-washing. Operas off balconies. Empty streets...

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Coronavirus: A Parallel Pandemic

London-born, Nottingham-based award-winning documentary and travel photographer, Dan Giannopoulos’ work has often focussed on individuals and communities on the fringes of contemporary society whether by their own volition or through circumstances out of their control. In this compelling photo-essay, he documents the debris left behind by...

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An A-Z Greek glossary of Covid-19

Its rich history makes Greek so versatile as to offer a description for every conceivable situation or feeling, with a plethora (there’s one!) of words to describe a medical condition or psychological state of mind. For a language that has influenced complex concepts in philosophy, maths, science, medicine, astronomy and a slew of languag...

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Cooking with a Conscience

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch.” Orson Welles’ cheeky quote was the inspiration for Vassilenas restaurant, celebrating its centennial anniversary this year, as they decided to open their kitchens by cooking for the most vulnerable section of Athenian society, the homeless, during the quarantine period. ...

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