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Brushes with colour

Tunisian Ambassador Lassaad M'hirsi explains why art offers an escape, even from the strict confines of protocol-driven diplomacy. Ambassador Lassaad M'hirsi discovered painting on the benches of the university, in 1985, while he took courses in Art History. It was then that his quest for art began through books, exhibitions a...

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Santorini: For a touch of history this summer

Santorini, the poster child for Greek tourism with its domed churches and sugar-cube architecture, has been such a victim of its own success, that the joys of vacationing here were the privilege of everyone else, except those living in Greece. This summer offers a singular opportunity to holiday on an island that has captured the collecti...

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Art around the Islands

Sometimes, a unique cultural experience, even an artistic one – can make your summer hols just that little bit more sublime. In fact, combining a dip into azure Greek waters with a dive into art, seems to be a growing trend on the islands. Athens Insider presents the top arty choices you may consider this summer. Prayer [captio...

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Keros: the mystery of the broken figurines

An archaeological mystery quest to uncover the origins of civilization in the Aegean Sea is the first documentary co-production between Cosmote TV and National Geographic in Greece to uncover the mystery of the broken figurines, coming soon to Cosmote History HD. Sixty years ago, a team of archaeologists embarked on an explora...

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