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Jeffrey Eugenides at the SNFCC

WHAT: Internationally known Pulitzer Laureate Jeffrey Eugenides will talk with author Kallia Papadaki and journalist and book critic Mikela Chartoulari in collaboration with the Athens 2018 World Book Capital Festival. Eugenides brings his unique experience as an American writer of Greek and Irish descent and will discuss these influences on his cr...

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Robert McCabe’s Journey through Time

Nothing captures a Greece before the advent of mass tourism like Robert McCabe’s photographs of the country. McCabe travelled extensively through the Aegean between 1955 and 1957, capturing locals and pristine landscapes with his Rolleiflex. The result is a stunning collection of images depicting a Greece perhaps lost. “When I...

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Losing his marbles over the Marbles

Konstantin Kakanias dons an activist hat for his new exhibition using whimsical drawings and ceramic tiles laced with sardonic humour to engage in one of the world's most captivating cultural debates, the Return of the Parthenon Marbles. In the few brief meetings I’ve had with Konstantin Kakanias, it’s always been frenzied, hi...

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Chloé Moglia, the Suspensionist

Isabelle Merminod and Tim Baster capture the callisthenic poetry of French artist Chloé Moglia whose perches over her six-metre high metal frame can only be described as ‘suspension in disbelief’. Dangling, with no nets, from a bar that barely snakes its way around her body, Moglia relies only on her coarse, callused hands and strong arms...

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A Literary Labour of Love

Matt Stanley, who penned three crime thrillers under the pseudonym James McCreet, writes his tenth book, A Collar for Cerebrus, under his real name, in a style far-removed from the blood and gore of his Victorian mysteries. In a long, candid interview with Sudha Nair-Iliades, he confesses that this insightful opus is an ode to his beloved...

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A Requiem for a Master Storyteller

John Zervos pays tribute to Philip Kerr, a master of historical detective fiction, and the creator of Bernie Gunther, one of the most endearing, wisecracking detectives in crime writing. In his last book, Greeks Bearing Gifts, published a week after his death in March this year, Kerr leaves behind a compelling spy novel that moves swiftly...

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Mosaic Identities and Curvy Culture

Corfiot resident and cross-culture explorer Richard Pine thinks laterally about the identity debate that has preoccupied much of Greece and suggests embracing a mindful middleway. We should be celebrating much more, and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Aristotle must take much of the blame for our current gloom. His idea, tha...

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Mrs. Tependris, She’s mine Bitch

Konstantinos Kakanias is back with Mrs. Tependris, his eccentric protagonist in a provocative socio-political exhibition, That's Mine Bitch, Don't Touch Her. Back Off! at the Rebecca Camhi Gallery and at The Kalfayan Gallery. In an interview with Athens Insider in 2012, Kakanias confessed how ‘growing up as a gay boy in Greece, in the ‘60...

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Beauty Happens

Fashion high priestess Suzy Menkes once described him as the man who “turned Grecian folds into 21st-century clothes” and his effortlessly fluid designs are anchored on the principles of complex simplicity and impeccable technique. Angelos Bratis – who worked alongside the likes of Vionnet as head designer and was hand-picked by Giorgio A...

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Corfu Cravings

For almost two decades, the prolific Irish journalist and author Richard Pine was a 'pen pal' to literary legend Lawrence Durrell.  The two writers were united in their passion for words but also shared an unshakeable bond with Corfu. Here, Richard Pine - who has just edited a previously unpublished novel of Lawrence Durrell’s set entirel...

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