Lockdown 1 vs Lockdown 2 – Top Tips to Make This Lockdown a Success

Lockdown 1 vs Lockdown 2 – Top Tips to Make This Lockdown a Success

A pedestrian wearing a protective face mask walks past the Greek parliament building in Athens. Photographer: Yorgos Karahalis/Bloomberg

What did we learn from the first lockdown, to make the current one more manageable? Athens Insider asks two of its readers…

Sing, swim, speak

The first lockdown was a complete shock to my system. Unfortunately, I spent it alone as my family resides in Australia. For me, human interaction is vital. I experienced such extreme anxiety and anticipatory grief, I lost 4 kilos, and anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I love my food. I was in such emotional turmoil that I was devoid of any musical inspiration.

This time around, I can honestly say I’m enjoying myself! I find myself chatting (more than usual) to the checkout staff at my local supermarket and to locals who I would probably have avoided. I feel inspired to compose a few more songs, and as I’m lucky enough to live near the Athens Riviera, I feel rejuvenated by the vitamin sea!

Dioni’s Top Tips:

  1. Spend those extra few minutes talking to your neighbours and locals
  2. Go for an Autumn swim
  3. Tap into your creative energy in the quietness of your home – singing, writing, composing

Dioni Vertzayas, Singer/Songwriter

Fix, Grow, Play

During the first lockdown, I was really upset by the loss of business opportunities and the absence of personal satisfaction that I felt when I fixed or created something for my clients. I felt my freedom was lost, and as if my very ‘handyman’ hands were tied. I was suddenly faced with the surprisingly monumental task of attending to my own maintenance jobs around the house! And believe me, they had crept up. My wife and son and I were together 24/7. We needed to navigate a way to hang out together without driving each other nuts.

But with this lockdown, I feel armed and ready and enjoying it. My little son helps me fix the things that need fixing or improving around our home, and my wife has discovered she has a green thumb!

Eugene’s Top Tips:

  1. Tackle that long list of maintenance jobs around your home you’ve been avoiding. Online DIY videos will make you an addict!
  2. Start a small veggie patch on your balcony, roof, or garden. Order some Heirlooms seeds online and start a collection. They make the perfect gift.
  3. Download the Geocaches app (https://www.geocaching.com) and start hunting treasures in your area or even hide some if you want. This is tons of fun, for adults and kids alike.

Eugene Redelinghuys, ‘The Athens Handyman’, Carpenter/Handyman

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