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Memoir: The School of Life

John Zervos’ mid-century Spetses was a Spetses of shipping tycoons, Russian ballet legends, kings and presidents. Here, he shares with Insider his enduring impressions of his boarding school days at the Saronic island’s infamous Anargyrios College, which was modelled on Eton and immortalized in John Fowles' classic 'The Magus'. ...

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Mr. Hospitality: Chrysanthos Panas

He’s been dubbed The Greek Gatsby for his glamorous lifestyle and stellar A-list parties. But it’s in changing the shape and flavour of Athens’ entertainment landscape that Chrysanthos Panas will leave his true legacy, as Amanda Dardanis discovers. Accompanying Chrysanthos Panas for a stroll around his Athens stomping ground i...

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Daniel Egnéus: An Existentialist In Exile

Athens’ ‘in-your-face’ attitude and brutalist architecture finds its way into Daniel Egnéus' wistful illustrations and sketches. The Swedish-born artist – who has worked for some of the world’s mightiest brands including Chanel, BMW and Time Magazine - morphs the city’s beauty, warts and all, into a contemplative, illusionary poem, says S...

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Michael Ondaatje: The Rebel Scribe

The award-winning author of “The English Patient”, Michael Ondaatje, talks to Amanda Dardanis about the influences which shaped his unconventional “Cubist” works, making a stand over Charlie Hebdo, and why he believes in breaking all the rules … “I tend not to believe that stuff,” Canada’s most celebrated male author Michael O...

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Michael Landy: The Mirror Man

Michael Landy was one of the Young British Artists who transformed the international art scene of the 1990s. Now, he has installed himself in Athens to hold up a mirror to the people of Greece. Amanda Dardanis meets the artist most famous for once destroying everything he owned to talk about his creative legacy and why Athens now has the ...

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In a Glass of its Own

Greece is one of the world’s hottest emerging wine regions right now. Sofia Perpera, of New Wines of Greece, provides a masterclass in the Hellenic wine stars of tomorrow (and also recommends her best dinner party wine picks). When did your love affair with the grape begin? I have always loved wine. It was a part of our family ...

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Sweet Longings

His lemon pie has made him a star in France (and was rated second at the 2007 Palmarès). Arnaud Larher was crowned the official “patissier” of Grande Bretagne earlier this year, and visits the capital once a week to weave his memorable magic. What is it that make your pastries so famous around the world? To explain, I will take...

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