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Anna Wintour: All bow to the Queen of Fashion

With her chunky neck pieces, trademark pageboy bob haircut, dark sunglasses covering much of her face and a reputation that precedes any face-to-face encounter, Dame Anna Wintour, DBE,  editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988 and artistic director for Condé Nast, is arguably the most visible and vocal personality in the fashion world, widely praised fo...

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A destiny tied to the sea and the senses

Acknowledged as the face of contemporary seafood cuisine in Greece, Lefteris Lazarou’s open-minded and informal approach to fine dining has made Varoulko a place of gastronomic pilgrimage. “Food, should viscerally, instinctively, spiritually, transform you. It should, and has the power to inspire, astonish, shock, excite, deli...

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When truth is far stranger than fiction

A grisly crime, a woman held hostage in her own mind, and a therapist determined to unravel her secrets - Alex Michaelides’ The Silent Patient is a riveting exploration of the maze-like psyches of the woman convicted of murdering her husband and the therapist determined to treat her. Michaelides peels the workings of a criminal mind layer...

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New luxury for a new era

Few hotels can claim to be destinations in their own right. Fewer still are so iconic as to have become bywords for luxury and hospitality. But by exuberantly layering old and new, international and local – and imbuing it with as much character and craftsmanship as the sprawling 30-acre complex can possibly hold – Four Seasons Astir Palac...

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Thinking Aloud with Pascal Bruckner

In his open-collared crumpled white shirt and linen vest, Pascal Bruckner is the model of a modern French intellectual whose Gallic appeal (still at work at 70) and eloquent opinions have provoked controversy and endless debates on identity, guilt, democracy and the elusive Western quest for happiness. A few of his views culled from his c...

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Should we be talking gender in 2018?

Four lady ambassadors draw on their personal experience as career diplomats to speak on glass ceilings, rooms full of blue suits and how old boys’ networks in the patriarchal world of public affairs and diplomacy are giving way to a more diverse, balanced foreign office. Asked in 1933 whether the diplomatic service should be o...

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Steve Lazarides: The Man Behind Banksy

Steve Lazarides on the ever-elusive Banksy’s most shocking stunt yet With the staged self-destruction of his own 1.4 million dollar painting at an auction, Banksy shocked the world yet again and cemented his status as one of the most fascinating and unpredictable artists of our time. Back in May 2010 Athens Insider spoke with...

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Eating, Sleeping, Breathing Music

When you hear the phrase rock and roll, the image that appears in your mind is probably one that Richard Bellia took. Born with the gift of artistry, Bellia has used his eye for passion and talent to photograph dozens of iconic rock musicians in a groundbreaking career spanning almost 40 years. Richard Bellia’s legendary career as a photo...

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