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Athens Insider, 20 years of Storytelling

We’re excitedly celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, so get ready for a year packed with a truckload of memorable reads. Covering everything from art and design to travel and opinion, Athens Insider has thrived as an independent publishing house, with its unique brand of elegant visuals and engaging writing; it’s the type of magazine that no...

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Could Greece become a truly cashless society?

As Greece gears itself for its ignominious third anniversary of a near-Grexit, tinderbox referendum and capital controls, Athens Insider investigates whether plastic has come here to stay or whether cash is still king. In stark contrast to countries such as the UK and Sweden, Greece has been card-averse, despite limited cash withdrawals a...

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Things Computer Novices are Doing Wrong

Technology surrounds us. It pervades nearly every tangible object used in our day-to-day lives. Increase productivity with these simple tips for tech that everyone should know. Keyboard Shortcuts Using your mouse can be a huge waste of time, but if you don’t know about keyboard shortcuts and how to use them, it can seem like th...

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Greek properties attract many foreigners

Global luxury realtor Barnes have just opened a branch office in Greece as proof of concept that the country’s luxury real estate market is poised for great growth. Do you think that Greece has been overlooked by international realtors despite its obvious charms as a luxury holiday destination? Greece is a solid player as a lu...

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