Lockdown in Greece extended to January 7

Lockdown in Greece extended to January 7

A couple in front of Syntagma Square.

The second lockdown in Greece was initially meant to last until November 30. An extension upto December 7 followed. The Greek Government has now taken the decision to extend lockdown measures until (and including) January 7.  The cases in Greece have been galloping since late October, necessitating these stringent measures.

In practical terms it implies:

  • Continuation of night-time curfew between 9pm and 5am.
  • Ban on travelling outside home prefectures.
  • Schools, restaurants, bars, courts and ski resorts to remain closed.
  • All requests for outings via SMS messaging to 13033.

Measures to open small retail stores, hair salons and churches to be announced later in the week.

All travellers visiting Greece from December 18 to January 7 need to:

  • fill their PLF form 48 hours before flying to Greece
  • have negative results of a PCR test before flying to Greece
  • undergo a rapid test on arrival
  • and an obligatory 10-day quarantine upon arrival

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