What you need to know to fly in and out of Greece in November 2020

What you need to know to fly in and out of Greece in November 2020

New guidelines in place from Monday, November 9. This is what you need to know:

Domestic Flights:

According to the new regulations, as of Monday, November 9, travelling to domestic destinations and outside the boundaries of each prefecture is allowed to passengers for business purposes, for imperative family reasons, in order to return to permanent residence or for health reasons (essential travel) and with the relevant mandatory official form describing the reason of the movement.

Travel between prefectures is not allowed, with the exception of the 4 reasons mentioned. To return to the place of permanent residence, a copy of the tax return E1 or Certificate of Residence for Special Use is required, obtained from the website www.aade.gr.

Additionally, as of Tuesday, November 10, domestic flights from and to Thessaloniki which were temporarily suspended, will be restored.

International Flights:

As of Tuesday, November 10,

  1. All passengers flying into Greece must have a negative PCR test that has been performed up to 48 hours before, while those entering from the land border must have a negative PCR that has been performed up to 72 hours before.
  2. You will need to fill in the PLF form whether flying in from abroad to any of Greece’s airports, or whether flying abroad from Greece.
  3. Air travel within the country is allowed only for return to permanent residence, family reunification, business and health reasons.
  4. As travel restrictions between countries are constantly changing, check for any new changes or updates with your airline or on  aegeanair.com.
  5. Most airlines allow for a change of ticket for future travel dates with no rebooking fees.

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