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Greek roadmap to new normal: date-wise breakdown

The Greek government announced a gradual easing of its lockdown measures, to be reviewed daily for public safety. The magic date is May 4, but the relaxation of measures comes with constant urging to remain vigilant and to follow safety guidelines - compulsory masks, use of gloves, use of antiseptic gel and mandatory 2-metre distancing. ...

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Insider Weekly Newsletter – EMBRACING CHANGE

The fast-forward freefall of March has given way to a rewound, frozen April and the anxiety of groping our way back into our changed reality. What are the take-aways? While grappling with one pandemic, are we exacerbating another? From discarded gloves to fast fashion will we shield ourselves behind masks or finally embrace conscious chan...

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Covid-19 Subsidies and Rent discounts: What you need to know if you are a small business, self-employed or an ...

Since many of you have asked for clarifications, Athens Insider has compiled a list of subsidies announced by the Greek government to offset the economic repercussions of the pandemic (in Greece, 240,000 are expected to be unemployed in 2020 and more than 100,000 small businesses are expected to go bankrupt). Here are some of the measures...

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Insider Weekly Newsletter – EASTER TAKE-AWAYS

While we refashion traditions this socially-distanced Easter, having festive meals with laptops instead of family, watching services on screens instead of thronging to light candles, there are still lessons of hope to be had. And stark lessons in gratitude - from history, from nature in full bloom, from civic society, and even, street art...

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Insider Weekly Newsletter – QUARANTIME MUSINGS

How telling that in an era when the barometer of success is to ‘go viral’, the very thought now evokes doom and gloom! From the real concerns the pandemic conjures -  the corrupt posturing of populist politicians to the extraordinary challenges faced by cultural institutions – we dive into the everyday anxieties that manifest as google se...

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Insider Weekly Newsletter – CULTURE LOADING!

The new FOMO of our isolation age is Fear of Not Doing Enough! It’s almost as if we’re expected to pack every minute of our confinement with more information, more entertainment. Cultural venues, chefs, concert halls, Greece’s Tourism Ministry (Insider too!) have all scrambled to create more content to keep us ‘engaged’. How transporting ...

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