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Greek cuisine

Greek Chefs Show They Care

With most restaurants closed, celebrated Greek gastronomy chefs are taking to the kitchen to prepare meals for frontline medical workers. Elena Panayides reports on how  these gourmet meals, served with a generous side portion of TLC (tender loving care) are reminders of our connectivity, even in isolation. [gallery link="file...

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The Trip to Greece: An escapist fantasy 

A timely promotional tool for Greece, The Trip To Greece promises plenty of mouth-watering Mediterranean meals – with a side helping of ancient ruins and stunning seascapes. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite to follow in Odysseus’ footsteps in director Michael Winterbottom’s culinary and comedic travelogue series, The Trip to Greece. ...

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Order your Easter feast from home!

You want the trappings of Easter minus the long hours slaving over a barbecue? Athens Insider has the answer to your Easter prayers for a festive Paschal meal, delivered to your doorstep. Lots of wine, an orgy of succulent spit-roast lamb and kokoretsi, an egg-cracking competition and much merriment – a lot of reasons why we l...

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Insider Weekly Newsletter – CULTURE LOADING!

The new FOMO of our isolation age is Fear of Not Doing Enough! It’s almost as if we’re expected to pack every minute of our confinement with more information, more entertainment. Cultural venues, chefs, concert halls, Greece’s Tourism Ministry (Insider too!) have all scrambled to create more content to keep us ‘engaged’. How transporting ...

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