The Scoop on Pangrati’s much-loved ice-creamery: Maraboo

The Scoop on Pangrati’s much-loved ice-creamery: Maraboo

A Real Cream come True: In hipsteria lane, on Archelaou, Vicky and Igor’s cool little, ice-cream shop keeps it real. They bring their gelato expertise – along with lightness and joy to Maraboo. You know they’re on to something by the steady stream of regulars that throng to it, even in the winter! The best antidote to sweltering weather, Maraboo has established itself as a neighbourhood gelateria with a conscience – the ingredients are natural, clear of preservatives, artificial colourings and additives. The blackboard at the counter announces staples but also unexpectedly playful flavours that coax you out of your vanilla-chocolate comfort zones.  Sample their unusual pairing of pear with ginger or their stout beer ice-cream, and you will be proud to have ventured into new flavour territory.


Top Scoops: With 20+ startling flavours, super smooth textures, vegan options for lovers of lactose-free licks, it’s no wonder that Maraboo’s queues are almost as famous as its ice-cream. Possibly it’s the friendly staff who explain you’re allowed as many tastes as you like before making the agonising decision of choosing final flavours. Or the fact that at just 2 euros a cup, it is an affordable gourmet indulgence!

The best-sellers here are steeped in childhood nostalgia – so Kaimaki, chocolate, cream-jasmine-vanilla remain the firm favourites, though the fior di latte and salted caramel ice-creams have acquired a steady string of devotees too! Look out for their equally intriguing, vegan, guilt-free sorbets. From watermelon and melons to chunky mango and orange parsley, the sorbets here, in enticing shades and textures, deserve their own insta page.

What melts our hearts: Special dog-friendly ice-cream!

Address: Archelaou 17, Pangrati, tel. +302107247037. Website

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