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Iggy Pop and James and Shame

Release Athens 2019 Release Athens 2019 is excited to present one of the greatest names in all of rock’n’roll, the one and only Iggy Pop! Iggy Pop will be in Athens on Saturday, June 8, at Water Plaza, to prove that he is worthy of his grand legacy and a staple performer in today’s rock’n’roll scene. He brings an unmatchable amount of energy and e...

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Bubble Jam

WHAT: Teenagers are always being told to stay off their cellphones, but this interactive installation forces teens to do the opposite. Made for teenagers 12+, “Bubble Jam” creates a digital stage where participants are asked to think about their place and interactions on the World Wide Web. What are the implications of being so connected to one ano...

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A Mediaeval Greek Dynasty Saga

A fascinating read on an oft-ignored facet of Greek history – the role of the influential Komnene dynasty in the Byzantium’s battle for survival. John Carr’s latest work, published by Pen and Sword, is as engaging as it is enlightening. In case you were all wondering why our very own John Carr has been absent from these pages ...

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Epiphany Explained

January 6 marks one of the most cathartic and cinematic moments on the Greek Orthodox calendar. Many visitors to Greece at this time of year are charmed to witness the millennia-old spectacle of Epiphany. Men and boys, (traditionally), leap into icy waters to be the first to retrieve the Cross thrown by an Orthodox priest, as part of the ...

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1904 Holiday Snaps

WHAT: If you thought taking snaps of your vacation was an activity new in the 21st century, the Benaki’s most recent collection, 1904 Holiday Snaps, might cause you to think again. British photographer Alexander Lamont Henderson did it before it was trendy in the early 1900s, and captured the social life of everyday Athenians as well as scenes from...

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Three Escapist Winter Reads

For avoidant bookworms, Anna Roins suggests you look no further than these three gems to tide over your holiday blues. The relationship problems fraught by each character in these books will pale into comparison to yours, and you will be singing Auld Lang Syne with smug superiority in no time! Most people look forward to the h...

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What to do in Athens this December

Shakespeare, Cinderella, Broadway – the world’s greatest stories and songs are flooding Athens this December along with a myriad of exhibitions and collections that will make this holiday season fly by. National Theatre Live: Antonios and Cleopatra WHAT: The National Theatre Live program successfully brings Athens yet another m...

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Leonardo Da Vinci – 500 years of Genius

WHAT: An immersive, four-month exhibition celebrating the genius of Leonardo da Vinci To write a book about Leonardo da Vinci without once using the word ‘genius’ would be a feat worthy of the French author Georges Perec, who contrived to write a book without using the letter e,” the biographer of the Italian Renaissance artist, Charles Nicholl,...

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The Co-Museum

WHAT: The Benaki Museum, the U.S. Embassy in Athens and the British Council, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Athen organize “THE CO-MUSEUM: Synergies, coalitions and partnerships between museums, cultural initiatives, civil society and beyond.” The Conference invites professionals from museums and cultural organizations, civil society,...

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