Ruins : Encoded Symbols by Roberto Sironi

Ruins : Encoded Symbols by Roberto Sironi

What: RUINS, exclusively commissioned by Carwan Gallery is finally ready to be unveiled in Athens in June 2021

Ruins features a series of works that re-signify architectural fragments belonging to different historical periods and which refer to the most significant archaeological sites placed in the Mediterranean basin.
The project relates some constructive elements of the classical era as bases of columns, capitals, sections of amphitheatre with rudiments of the industrial era, such as the double-T beams, reticular structural elements and corrugated sheet metal, which are reshaped according to a new aesthetic perspective.


The collection is conceived as a series of contemporary ruins, freely deconstructed and reconstructed, imaginary simulacra, programmed artifices where the materials and techniques of execution do not correspond to the original but rather become functional to the post-archaeological message conveyed, transmitting a feeling of “Indefinite time” that becomes hypothetical, evanescent, suspended.
Roberto Sironi got the opportunity to develop RUINS thanks to the selection of the international residency program IN Residence Design, curated by Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò and to produce the works with bronze experts Fonderia Artistica Battaglia and Simone Desirò, Marmi Artificiali di Rima.

Where: Carwan Gallery Polydefkous 39, Piraeus, 18545 – Athens, Greece • • +302104114536

When: June 3 to September 4, 2021
Opening hours:
Wednesday & Thursday 12:00–20:00


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