Athens’ best bargains revealed by an insider !

Athens’ best bargains revealed by an insider !

When not canvassing for political campaigns, Tel Aviv-based communications strategist and University professor Nimrod Fridberg is busy scouring Athens’ bylanes for the best buys to impress his powerful clientele and students alike! So enthused is he with the bargains that Nimrod suggests making shopping therapy the number one priority when in Athens – the sites can wait a few more centuries!

Visiting Athens for the first time, shopping wasn’t really on my mind. I expected great food, nice drinks and some iconic archaeological sites. After strolling around the city for a few days, I had to buy a new suitcase and to upgrade my flight ticket home, shop for a whole new wardrobe, promising myself to check the Acropolis the next time round. My fear of holiday shopping sickness was soon gone when many people asked me where my clothes were from. Of course, I refused to reveal the secrets, until now!

So, my first recommendation is to travel light, because you’re going to buy so many great pieces, at affordable prices.

Second-hand stores were never on my mind, being prejudiced that those stores are for cheap hipsters. Well, I wasn’t completely wrong, but I spent almost a day at the Kilo store located in Ermou, part of a France-based chain store. Clear half a day for fun gems hunting in a clean 2 floors store. From stylish Kimonos, jeans jackets, silk shirts, and many more items I thought that I would use on my next Burning man trip, and eventually I was the guy wandering out in a black kimo­no and heart shaped sunglasses.

Not far away, you will find my favourite store in Athens – B loose. Don’t let the name fool you, it sounds like a maternity store, but here is genuine Greek-style with a variety of handcrafted clothes, designed and manufactured by two sisters Zeta and Melitini. I bought so many coats forgetting I live in a country with no winter. But no worries, they cover all the seasons using amazing fabrics and colours in unisex designs.


At the shop next door, you will find TRI, another Greek fashion house established in 2012 by two graphic designers (Greeks love to design in pairs?). The style reminds me of Deus but with a greater soul – T-shirts, sweaters, work coats and even some art and motorcycle parts.

The Real Intellectuals


Round 40 offers a few known brands, but we want to go local with high quality T-shirts with great pastel colors at affordable prices – a very rare combination for men. If you desire a skater look, don’t miss The Dudes, originally from Berlin but a great fit for Athens.

Round 40

After all this walking you’ll need cool shoes, so stop by Phat soles. A surprising sneaker store that has the standards of the best online shops with better style and great prices – hand-picked shoes of all the brands we know and love, with models you have never seen before. Don’t miss the back room with more fashion, if you can still shop.

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