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Luke Barry earns second place in the Under-13 category of the Bloomsday Writing Competition 2020

Luke Barry's adventure-packed story earns him the second place in the Under-13 category of the Bloomsday Writing Competition 2020. Sunrise 6 am The sun rose majestically through the savannah. A pride of lions took full advantage of the shade of a tree before its broad leaves withered in the heat of the sun. The roaring sound of...

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Hasty hugs and nasty bugs

John Carr on why it’s better to be safe and sure until we find a vaccine pure. We should have known it wouldn't last, We tore up our wise rules too fast. With Dr T no longer seen On our living room wide screen, Too many of us, scant of thought, Decided that we simply ought To take advantage of the start Of a Greek summe...

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Athens Insider wins Gold at the Tourism 2020 Awards for Best Travel Magazine in Greece

We are thrilled and humbled to be chosen as the Best Travel Magazine in Greece at the Tourism 2020 Awards by a distinguished panel of judges from the tourism industry. Athens Insider started life in 2000 as a helpful magazine for expatriates and tourists; but soon established itself as a sophisticated and aspirational publication, success...

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Only a few days left to submit your entries!

Send in your entries to our first-ever Bloomsday creative writing competition in English, organised by The Irish Embassy, in collaboration with Athens Insider, open to writers of all ages and nationalities. Bloomsday is marked around the world as a celebration of James Joyce, of course, but also as a celebration of Irish literature, moder...

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10 Sports That Were Born in Ancient Greece

Typically, as we head into the summer of 2020, sports newspapers would have been chock-a-block with articles on potential gold-medallists and the glory of sport. Time to travel all the way back, to the very beginning, to the very origin of some of the sports. Did you know that these popular modern sports have their roots in ancient times?...

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A peek into Greece through travel books

Escape into books that give flight to your imaginations, and the miles they inspire you to hike, drive and fly. Here is our compilation of a few classics and a few contemporary reads on Greece that are as transformative as the journey itself. The Colossus of Maroussi - Henry Miller The esteemed writer Henry Miller explores human na...

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The Good Doctor

The good doctor is taking a much deserved break and an eternally grateful nation thanks the selfless efforts of our epidemiological whiz. John Carr's paean to Dr. Sotiris Tsiodras. Well, who'da thunk it, girls and boys, He who never made much noise, Yet measured out his words so clear, Has opted out of the public sphere. H...

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The Higher City

The Acropolis of Athens is a fair test of our commitment to humankind’s higher cultural aspirations. In ordinary times, Athenians have ten thousand good excuses to postpone the Acropolis until next month or next lifetime. These are not ordinary times. For an able-bodied resident of Athens not to take advantage of this opportunity is to fa...

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