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How to Celebrate May Day (Protomayia)!

Tomorrow is Protomayia. Though official celebrations have been slated for May 9, there's no reason why you can't pay tribute to the Return of Spring and the End of Lockdown like a true Greek… On this Greek version of Labour Day, locals traditionally gather bright blooms from the hillsides and fashion them into wreaths for thei...

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Corona Viriad 3

John Carr baits you into his virus-obsessed world with an ode to the invisible crown-shaped bug. 'Tis four weeks now this lockdown weighs So heavily upon our days, As we all huddle as in hiding Awaiting that oh-so-glad tiding That Covid 19 has at last Been sent the way of viri past. But let's not soak in gloom and doom...

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Canto IX

A soft-spoken Doctor is the darling of the masses. John Carr joins the ranks of his adoring fans and pens this glowing tribute! Let's hear it, folks, for Dr T, That modest chappie on tv, Who every afternoon at six Unmasks ol' Covid's nasty tricks And lets us know what's going' down Plus how to get rid of our frown Even...

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George Dalaras at Megaron  

WHAT: This great musical performance with George Dalaras, who embarks on a nostalgic journey through the history of Greek song, directed by the legendary Costas Gavras, will be uploaded on the online "stage" of the Athens Concert Hall. WHEN: On SaturdayApril 25 at 21:30 (duration 137 minutes). WHERE:

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My Big Fat Greek Coming-Out

The highly popular dramedy series FAK YAASS is now available to audiences worldwide as it made its official international premiere on April 1, 2020 on YouTube Bulldog Productions highly popular dramedy series FAK YAASS, following the story of Nico Nicolakis and his big Greek family as they accompany Nico through his coming-out...

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Easter Thoughts

Kassiani Hymn, a little  offering by jazz musician  Dimitri Vassilakis and  New York based visual artist Lydia Venieri. Inspired by a solemn hymn for the Greek Orthodox holy week service. Kassiani Hymn Dimitri Vassilakis/Lydia Venieri    

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Memories of Easters Past

Few writers evoke the intense emotion and vivid imagery of Easter in Greece as Sofka Zinovieff in her memoir, Eurydice Street, A Place in Athens. An extract from her book that so poignantly captures the glorious paradoxes and rich traditions of Greek Easter. Few would dispute that Easter celebrations are the most intensely bea...

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The Trip to Greece: An escapist fantasy 

A timely promotional tool for Greece, The Trip To Greece promises plenty of mouth-watering Mediterranean meals – with a side helping of ancient ruins and stunning seascapes. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon reunite to follow in Odysseus’ footsteps in director Michael Winterbottom’s culinary and comedic travelogue series, The Trip to Greece. ...

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The Athens Plague and Lessons for Today

Sherri Moshman-Paganos traces the history of the deadly plague that almost decimated Athens in the Peloponnesian War. Thucydides, who so clearly etched the horrors of the Black Death in the ‘History of the Peloponnesian War’ stated that ‘the perceived impact of the Athenian plague was such that people ceased fearing the law since they fel...

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Corona Viriad 2

This Poetry Month, look no further than John Carr, Insider’s in-house bard, for curative metaphors and imagery. Sing, Muse, of the pestilence That out of China hastened hence, Attacking all, both young and old Who thought they had just caught a cold. Yet it turned out to be much worse, A veritable viral curse That ...

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Life in the Shadow

As the clouds go by, they often seem so distant and still, one can hardly imagine how fast the sky darkens.  The 7th Athens Biennale ECLIPSE, due on 25th September 2020, has been outlined as an attempt to grasp the fleeting and ominous signs of an imminent era of agony. A dark period accentuating fears, prejudices, and superst...

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