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A new Durrell novel set in Greece

“You should see the landscape of Greece. It would break your heart.” -- Lawrence Durrell The canon of Lawrence Durrell – the cherished English poet, Grecophile and author now back in vogue thanks to the popular television series The Durrells – is about to be expanded by one, 28 years after his death. Admirers of Durrell, whose bes...

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Going dotty over Yayoi Kusama

Many consider that her colour-popping, dizzying creations influenced Andy Warhol.  Without doubt, the avant garde Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama was a forebearer of the Pop Art movement. The still-spritely 89-year-old with the signature flaming wig has exhibited hallucinatory works such as “Infinity Nets” and her "Dots Obsessions" series (Kusama feti...

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Say Cheers… to 12 Original Greek Beers

In Greece for the summer and want to drink like a local? How about trying one of the many indigenous born-and-brewed beers? Athens Insider plays beertender and rounds up a few of the coolest beers to try this summer. From Athens to Peloponnese, Crete or Santorini, Greece prides itself in a whole range of lagers, ales and beers bursting wi...

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Canvassing our City

Yannis Dramis, a born and bred Athenian, re-discovers his native city as he captures Athens’ spray-canned facades where nightly, young artists such as “Sonke” vie for recognition, credibility and space on the city’s walls. “I have always liked to walk through decadent parts of the city, places, where ‘normalcy’, or a sense of ...

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Behind the Beards: Gilbert & George

The Big Beard might finally be on its way out as the compulsory millennial youth prop. But its potency as a cultural and religious marker will always endure, say anarchic British design duo Gilbert & George. The prodigious pair have cemented this all-pervasive hirsute legacy in their latest primal exhibition The Beard Pictures, to mar...

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A Tribute to the Humble Greek Kiosk

An essential element of the streetscape of every Greek city and town, the corner kiosk’s or periptero’s unique contribution to the rhythm and character of Greek daily life cannot be undermined. Open until the wee hours of the night, the periptero is where one stocks up on cigarettes and newspapers (strung out like laundry and ...

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Five Things You Should Never Say In Greece

Insider’s linguistics whiz and cultural commentator John Carr provides our readers with a fool-proof guide to avoiding verbal offence here in the Great Olive Belt. Visitors and newcomers to Greece are often under the impression that the Greeks, being a voluble, open and highly expressive people, have little use for the kind of...

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How To Get Lucky (And Stay Lucky!) This Year

Ancient customs that claim to elevate your Γούρι (Gouri) – your luck - are still widely practised, especially around New Year. Here are the most popular ways to usher in good luck and fortune for the year ahead. Plus, Insider shares a few trusty Greek tips to staying lucky – and warding off misfortune - all year long. As luck...

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