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8 Awesome Winter Escapes for Half-Term

Greece may rule the roost in June and July ... but it's also got some pretty cool moves up its sleeve in January and February. Here’s Insider’s top picks for the looming half-term holidays - from active adventures, thrilling archeological odysseys, winery tours, and family fun where you can sleep inside the walls of medieval castle towns....

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5 Islands Athenians like to keep to Themselves

As a general rule, many Athenians prefer to holiday on Greek islands that are convenient to get to – but far away from “the masses”. Amanda Dardanis lists her favourite Athenian Boltholes – all within 3 hours of the capital. (Just don’t tell too many others!) Serifos There’s been a quiet buzz building about the island of Serifo...

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Dwelling among the Gods

Justin Brendel embarks on an alpine adventure of Olympic proportions, complete with shooting stars, donkey “mines”, and powerful new friendships. “And don’t touch the small orange and black animal. He is poisonous.” I never saw this notorious salamander during our stunning four-hour hike up Mt. Olympus, but our guide seemed...

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Sketches of the Mind

John Zervos, a lifelong Hydra-phile, recalls an extraordinary place that has played muse to everyone from Bridget Bardot to Presidential hopefuls. As a living archivist, he explains why there’ll never be another island like it. The island of Hydra in the Saronic gulf is unique in its architecture, significant in its role in mo...

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6 Super Family Day Trips

For many families living in Athens, half-term school holidays are just around the corner. Make use of Autumn’s awesome climate to sample our pick of fun family adventures that they’ll be only too happy to ditch the ipad for – all in the Great Attica Outdoors. Meet the Magic Horses of Rafina There are many delights on offer at t...

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Spotlight on Spetses

Swedish entrepreneur and photographer Lisa Furuland Kotsianis shares her favourite summer snapshots of elegant Spetses, the Argo-Saronic treasure that’s often called  “The Monaco of Greece”. When did your romance with the island of Spetses begin? We met a mere five years ago. But it was love at first sight. [caption id="atta...

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7 Super Food Festivals for Fall

Greeks will find just about any excuse to throw a party.  Especially in the fertile harvest months of Autumn when Nature’s bounty overflows and – life-affirming celebrations abound to honour the traditional delicacies that have shaped the local character and flavours of villages, towns and islands all over Greece. Experience the wonderful...

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Paros Moments

Part-time Parian Peter Poulos to open his Paros address book to help you get the best out of this cosmopolitan and culinary cycladic gem. My love affair with the island of Paros began when? in 1984 How many times have you been back since? Every summer since and for the last few years too many times to count. Ha...

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Athens Hotels: The Big Boom

Nothing says “green shoot” quite so convincingly as the wave of foreign investment currently changing the face of Athens’ luxury hotel landscape. With visitor numbers to the capital continuing to confound all crisis-logic, the appetite for quality inner-city accommodation has soared.Some of the world’s biggest hoteliers have answered the ...

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