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City Life

Archelaou, Pangrati’s Creative HQ

This narrow strip, just off the bustling Vas. Konstantinou street, until recently, was pock-marked with run-of-the-mill shops. Now a hipster hangout with cool restaurants, boutiques, design stores and cafes, its transformation is all the more striking as it is marked by a palpable sense of solidarity amongst its young entrepreneurs to mak...

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Anatomy of a Frappé

Frappé lifts moods, stimulates conversation, announces your connection to a lifestyle unique to Greece, and connects you to it when you’re away. Now in its sixtieth year, it is nothing less than a modern Greek elixir, authors of Frappe Nation, Vivian Constantinopoulos and Daniel Young, observe. Anyone who has spent a few minut...

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Cafés to get your mojo working

Too soon to go on holiday, too beautiful outside to confine yourself to an office cubicle? This coffee capital is replete with places to get your caffeine fix – from traditional kafeneia to cool coffee shops. Athens Insider rounds up some of our favourite cafés in central Athens with speedy Wi-Fi, relative quiet and delectable coffee to m...

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A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

WHAT: A magical night devoted to Leonard Cohen to be a memorable highlight of the Megaron’s marvelous summer line-up of outdoor performances in their Concert Hall Gardens. The energetic Sugahspank trio will showcase the great poet and musician who, throughout his full life, was both a teacher and a student, and who touched many across the world wit...

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Greece is a Bestseller!

"Books are dreams that you hold in your hands" Neil Gaiman A new page has been turned for Athens as our city assumes its place in the cultural spotlight as “Book Capital of the World”. For one year, the written word will take centre-stage in Athens throughout a richly stimulating calendar of over 250 events hosted by the Ci...

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Cinema under the Stars

Nothing defines the beginning of Greek summer as open-air cinemas do. Every neighbourhood has one – some as old as the history of cinema, perched on a rooftop with a view of the Acropolis; others, more recent entrants, right on the water set to the music of sailboat masts swaying in the summer breeze; still others surrounded by perfumed g...

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My Athens … is Free, Fun and Funky!

Student Maya Iliades, 17, shares her teen-friendly insider secrets about getting the best out of the city she loves… Is Athens a good place to live for teenagers in your opinion? Athens is a great city for teenagers - with the right mix of mainstream and under-the-radar cultural events, fun activities, great food at student...

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6 Great Outings for Teenagers in Athens

Athens, we all know, is rich with historical and cultural attractions, making it a choice destination for family trips to Greece. But what about that hardest to please age-group: the teenager? Ethel Dilouambaka scouts out six fun activities in the capital, guaranteed to turn their frowns upside down. Great Escape Rooms [caption...

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Pangrati: The Authentic Athens

New resident of the Pangrati neighbourhood, Will Feuer, takes you inside this up-and-coming creative stronghold that’s filled with traditional cafés, creative bars and age-old parks. Surely all visitors to Athens take the stroll from Syntagma Square to Kalimarmaro Stadium, but few know that just beyond the stadium lies one of ...

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Top 5 Tea Rooms in Athens

Time for Tea? It’s fair to say that the much-loved Anglo-Saxon ritual of afternoon tea has never really been a “thing” here in Greece. Why would it … in a land when lunch is barely served by the time most Brits are already reaching for the kettle to brew up that first afternoon cuppa? But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some truly terrific...

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