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City Life

Lessons in solidarity

Peter Poulos, Executive Director at The Hellenic Initiative harnesses his solitude in lockdown to raise funds for those hardest hit by the Covid pandemic. Over a month ago on March 23rd Athens went into a lockdown/quarantine which required each of us to notify the government with an SMS message when we needed to leave our home...

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Omonoia gets a much-deserved facelift!

It is one of Athens’ most prominent squares and perhaps its most blighted. Its radically controversial and often unappealing design changes have pock-marked its 175 years of existence. So there was justifiable cause for celebration as Omonoia finally got the makeover it deserved when its 20-metre high water fountains soared into the night...

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Corona Art 

If not walls, then rooftops! Young grafitti artist S.F. takes his spray paint and imagination a few floors high and sends a message of hope and solidarity offering an insight into how the youth relate to this very surreal experience. Confinement. Viruses. Masks. Deaths. Gloves. Hand-washing. Operas off balconies. Empty streets...

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Cooking with a Conscience

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch.” Orson Welles’ cheeky quote was the inspiration for Vassilenas restaurant, celebrating its centennial anniversary this year, as they decided to open their kitchens by cooking for the most vulnerable section of Athenian society, the homeless, during the quarantine period. ...

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A Greek Homecoming

Olympia Panagiotopoulos’ poignant story will resonate with anyone who has left home on an immigrant’s journey, «a life caught between a memory and a dream». In Beneath the Fig Leaves, «the comforting sizzle of onion and garlic in hot oil, the fresh, clean scent of a newly picked lemon, the strong earthiness of thyme» infuses the cultural ...

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Get your slice of action off the field

With the Olympics postponed, Wimbledon cancelled and every other sporting encounter put on hold, there’s nothing like a good sports movie that transcends the drama and excitement inherent in sports to get your juices flowing. When done right, sports movies offer more depth than the average game, illuminating not just the sport depicted, b...

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