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City Life

A different Greek Independence Day

This Independence Day offers a rare opportunity to reflect on the ideals our forefathers strove for. The freedoms we take for granted, the fundamental values and the tenets of our society. 'Among all peoples, the Greeks have dreamt life's dream most beautifully.' - Wolfgang Goethe, 1749-1832 It is those beautifully impassio...

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Behind the seams

A peek under the 400-pleated fustanellas and elaborate uniforms worn by the elite Evzones, a real labour of love, embroidered and hand- crafted by the 10-member tailoring department of the Presidential Palace. A photo essay on a unique tailoring tradition by Angelos Giotopoulos. Often the most-photographed subjects of tourists, ...

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How up-to-date is your Corona vocabulary?

From covidating to quarantunes on Spotify and ‘Will you be my Quarantine’ requests, have you upgraded your jargon, asks Sudha Nair-Iliades Covidating: The art of dating in the time of Corona. The virus provides ample date fodder without having to chomp on soul-crushing ‘getting-to-know-each-other’ chatter. Skip from pressing q...

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Bittersweet Quarantini 

In another life, until a few weeks ago, he used to cruise the high seas and notch up frequent flier miles as the Director of Hotel Operations for Global Maritime Cruises. Quarantined at home, Elian Clauss now hosts his virtual apéro soirées concocting corona cocktails! All it takes to craft cutting-edge cocktails is some imagi...

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Love in the time of Corona

No social kissing, handshakes or getting physical. Eskimo nose-rubs are out, so are full-on smooches on a blind date.  Since the coronavirus dictates how we move, touch, interact and express ourselves, here’s Insider’s go-to guide to the near zero-contact greeting! Elbow rubs You’ve been rubbing shoulders with the desirables. T...

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Quarantined? No better time to binge-watch!

Who cares about stock market plunges and pandemics when you can transport yourself to drug dramas, domestic quibbles and succession battles elsewhere in a land far, far away from cantankerous children and hypochondriac colleagues? Go on a cheap date with Netflix -  all you need is a comfy blanket.  Even if less screen-time definitely feat...

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3 Top Hikes around Athens

Athens may seem like a concrete jungle sometimes. But it's a city framed by hills and mountains. All of them harboring magnificent fauna and flora (there are 140 recorded species of wildflower alone) - plus the odd archeological marvel! There’s simply no better time of year to hit the trail and explore the capital’s rich natural wonders (...

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Up and running: 5 great jogging trails

So, you’re on a runners’ high just ahead of the Athens Half-Marathon, and now have November’s Athens Marathon in your sights. Congratulations! The bad news is that you’ll need to train through the heat of summer, to make your mark on this gruelling course. But the good news is that with the exploding popularity of amateur running, you’re ...

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Why do Greeks fly kites on Clean Monday?

Every year on Clean Monday, Greeks young and old can be seen in any available patch of green indulging in the traditional beginning-of-Lent activities of kite-flying and picnicking. Setting a kite in the air – and then releasing it – is said to symbolise the freeing of the body from sin, or the passing of the human soul to Heaven and God. [galle...

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