What quarantine skills have you acquired? 

What quarantine skills have you acquired? 

Almost seven weeks into quarantine, Athens Insider asked its readers what new skills were mastered – the answers were hilarious!

You would have thought the super-achievers amongst us would have come up with smug answers on how they used this time optimally to master an obscure language or took an online course in Victorian plumbing (those annoying maximalists are the ones most likely to have a cruel prank played on them when they get back to office and brag!)

Lesser mortals (we’re not naming and shaming!) binge-watched and ate out of a bag!

Our respondents were somewhere in between. We counted a few master chefs and even a few power bakers, but our top four responses were honestly human.

  1. Patience: That is a virtue that we’ve all acquired by the sackful. The always switched-on, FOMO version of ourselves has given way to a slo-mo snail-like worldview.
  2. Life balance: With work invading home and non-stop home-schooling, pjs have replaced suits and some humanity has crept into our non-negotiable work formalities. Our children sauntered in during zoom calls occasionally, living rooms strewn with messy toys didn’t get tsk-tsked.
  3. The Art of Grumbling: We all have to rant and rave, but there is a subtle art to it! Some seem to have mastered it, honed it to perfection and we might soon have webinars on the subject!
  4. Experimenting with Ouzo: This we understand. Why wait for the summer to discover the cloudy complexities of this nebulous drink?  Ouzospritzes, ouzotinis or just ouzo with lemon… as one of our readers suggested. Our top skill for sure!

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