Quarantine walks in downtown Athens: sms no.6

Quarantine walks in downtown Athens: sms no.6

With the Greek National Opera closed since lockdown, Nikos Tsaousis’ operatic outings have been restricted to his daily constitutional. You can confine an artist, not restrain his artistic spirit. Tsaousis freeze-frames this epic moment in history through his telling images.

One of the most redemptive moments during the quarantine period, is my daily walk in the centre of Athens, of course, with all the necessary precautions.

©Nikos Tsaoussis

These photos that follow are from my wanderings in the areas of Metaxourgeio, Kerameikos and in the wider area of ​​Athinas Street. I rediscover the city, I worry about its shortcomings, but at the same time I “dream” of its huge, untapped potential. One thing I will miss when I return to normalcy is the forgotten whispers of the city, a sound I rediscovered through its stillness.

Nikos Tsaoussis is an artist at the Greek National Opera and the artistic director of Diplomats in Concert.

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