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Chisel and Memory: The Contribution of Marble Craftsmanship to the Restoration of the Acropolis Monuments

WHAT: Over forty years of photographs and documentation of the marble craftsmen of the Acropolis at work. Marble craftsmen dominate the worksite, like forms in flight balancing on towering scaffolds, maneuvering the huge blocks of marble and conservation materials into and out of position. Grouped around six themes of self-denial, labour, cooperati...

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Coronavirus: A Parallel Pandemic

London-born, Nottingham-based award-winning documentary and travel photographer, Dan Giannopoulos’ work has often focussed on individuals and communities on the fringes of contemporary society whether by their own volition or through circumstances out of their control. In this compelling photo-essay, he documents the debris left behind by...

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Insider Weekly Newsletter – QUARANTIME MUSINGS

How telling that in an era when the barometer of success is to ‘go viral’, the very thought now evokes doom and gloom! From the real concerns the pandemic conjures -  the corrupt posturing of populist politicians to the extraordinary challenges faced by cultural institutions – we dive into the everyday anxieties that manifest as google se...

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Selfies of Self Isolation

Dhaka-born, Harvard-educated, DC and Athens-based War theorist and fashion photographer who writes on liberalism, elite-level diplomacy and feminism, Omi Chowdhury on how the pandemic, “global in scale and scope, is unrelenting in its forceful reminder that we are only as strong as our weakest.” [caption id="attachment_5987" a...

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Richard Bellia: An Eye on Music

WHAT: Richard Bellia’s legendary career as a photographer chronicling rock and roll musicians at their candid, acidic best form part of the exhibition organized by Muse Constant, ‘An Eye on Music’. Don’t miss rare photos of such icons as Ll Cool Jay, AC-DC, and Nirvana. WHEN: October 8-14 WHERE: Pallas Theater Prints for sale from 150 to 2...

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