Extreme sports to do in Greece

Extreme sports to do in Greece

Any mention of Greece mostly evokes images of the majestic Acropolis, the white villages of the Cyclades bordering a deep blue sea or simply sandy shores lapped by turquoise waters. Few people see Greece as an extreme sports destination, but we hope to change this with this article.

Rock climbing

Now, we can all agree that when it comes to rock climbing, Greece is definitely a great destination thanks to its extensive mountainous landscapes. While the temperate climate means you can be practiced it year-round, there are plenty of options in terms of terrain. For example, you can rock climb on limestone rocks or caves, and admire fascinating geological formations at the same time. The number 1 destination is undeniably the island of Kalymnos, located between Leros and Kos, in the Dodecanese islands. Indeed, the island is popular for its impressive rock formations and is even home to an international rock-climbing festival held every year and attracting hundreds of participants. Meteora, in central Greece, comes second, thanks to its fairytale-like landscape and the plethora of rocks and boulders to climb. Rock climbing is also available in Crete, Peloponnese and even around Athens. climbkalymnos.com

If you are among those who think laying on the beach is too lame and you are looking for more thrilling vacations, then this article is for you. We have perused the whole nation to find the most extreme activities that will give you just about the rush of adrenaline you need. Here are some of the best extreme sports you can do in Greece.

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It doesn’t get more extreme than that! Skydiving is all about taking a leap of faith and jumping into the sky from a plane with an instructor. If you are a beginner, the day starts with a short ground preparation before gearing up and getting into a plane that will soar up to 3500 meters (14 000 feet). And then, all you have to do is jump. You will be freefalling for a minute before your instructor opens the parachute and you fly back to earth. During that time, you will be able to admire the fascinating landscapes of Greece from way high and make the most of it. If you want to give it a go, a few companies in Greece offers you the opportunity to do so, including Skydive Athens and Skydive Greece so make sure to check them out! skydive-athens.gr


Free diving

Another water-based extreme sports, free diving is definitely worth a try, even if you have never done it before. More extreme than scuba diving, free diving implies diving underwater without using scuba gear but rather holding one’s breath until resurfacing. Perfect for the adventurers wanting to test their own limits, free diving courses are available in several locations in Greece, including Kalamata and Antiparos, and are open to beginners and more advanced divers as well. Lessons involve practical training and theory classes on breathing techniques, pressure, and discipline. According to the company you choose, different requirements may apply so make sure to check them to see if you fit the criteria. freediving-club.gr, blueisland-divers.gr

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Bungy jumping

For many adrenaline seekers, one of the ultimate extreme sports is bungy jumping. For those who have been living under a rock, it involves jumping from a tall structure with an elastic cord. This thrilling activity was born in New Zealand and has quickly spread across the globe to reach Greece, where it has been gaining more and more popularity in the past ten years. There seems to be only one company offering bungy jumping experiences in Greece, namely Zulu Bungy. When booking with them, you get to jump from the Corinth Canal bridge, at 100 meters high. As always with extreme sports, you are accompanied by a small crew of professional and trained team to assist and prepare you for the experience of a lifetime. zulubungy.com

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River Rafting

For those who love water activities, why not try rafting? Granted, this activity may not be as extreme as other sports on this list, but it still is a thrilling experience. Greece is home to a plethora of rivers where rafting is possible. The bonus about rafting is that it gives you the opportunity to do some sightseeing differently. On the quieter waters, you can actually admire the beauty of the scenery, the vegetation, and the impressive nature. Several companies offer rafting adventures in Meteora, in Arcadia, Peloponnese or even in Mount Olympus. adrenaline-hunter.com, trekking.gr, visitmeteora.travel

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If one of your dreams has always been to fly like a bird, then paragliding is for you. This fantastic sport allows you to take to the skies and discover the Greek landscape from above. And guess what? There is no need to jump. All you have to do is take a few quick steps to allow the wing to get inflated and off you go! Of course, you will be accompanied by a certified pilot that will maneuver the gear so you can relax and simply enjoy the ride. There are several paragliding companies in Greece, including O2 Paragliding, Olympic Wings, Paragliding Fun or Corfu Paragliding. These take you on different parts of Greece such as Corfu, Lefkada, Drama, Mount Olympus, Plastiras lake to soar over beautiful forests, stunning rivers and lakes, and picturesque villages. o2paragliding.gr, olympicwings.com, paraglidingfun.gr

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