Stay at Costa Navarino on an early bird Spring Break

Stay at Costa Navarino on an early bird Spring Break

Spring Breaks at Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino in Spring is almost unbearably beautiful. Temperatures are in the mid-twenties and nature is at its most abundant.  With two long weekends in May – May 1 Labour Day and May 28 Holy Spirit Monday – why not take advantage of this prime window to enjoy a spontaneous and value-packed Spring holiday at Costa Navarino.

Get your first swim and sunshine fix, hone your golfing skills on Costa Navarino’s acclaimed greens, while your children splurge in the heated Aqua Park or engage in creative activities such as Young Archaeologists and Young Gardeners. Savour new flavours at two of Costa Navarino’s newest gastronomic additions – Onuki, a new Japanese restaurant and KOOC, a Greek-fusion tavern specializing in timeless Messinian tastes.

Over the weekend May 18-20, you can also get physical at a special Fitness Boxing Weekend at The Westin Resort, staged by top boxing coach Grigoris Mallios, and introducing you to the top techniques of this dynamic sport that is capturing so many new fans of all ages.  As part of this special weekend package, you’ll enjoy free access to Thalassotherapy pools and the Anazoe Spa Heat Experience (plus 20% discount on the Anazoe treatments of your choice).

Meanwhile, at premium The Romanos resort, you can benefit from “early bird” savings of up to 20% for stays from May 25 until July 5. Take advantage of this limited Offer by clicking HERE, or through your preferred travel agent and tour operator.

Young Gardeners at Costa Navarino

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