Spring in a glass!

Spring in a glass!

Skies stained in orange hues, nature in full bloom, cocktails on the terrace! Whether in lockdown or not, experiment with some basic alchemy to match nature in your drink. Our in-house bartender Elian Clauss concocts a refreshing aperitif that adds much-needed cheer to your quarantine days!

A delightfully floral and fresh aperitivo from Ramazotti, which has been producing bitter Amaro since 1815. This Aperitivo Rosato has seductive notes of hibiscus and orange blossoms alongside hints of basil. Try mixing 50ml of Rosato with 100ml of Prosecco (or any other sparkling wine), ice and a garnish of basil leaves for a delicious summer drink.

In a large wine glass

  • Ice cubes
  • 1/3 Ramazotti Rosato
  • 2/3 Sparkling wine (brut)
  • Add a slice of fresh orange
  • And a bunch of fresh basil

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