The Onassis Cultural Centre

The Onassis Cultural Centre

Onassis Cultural Centre

With intelligent programming and top-notch acts, the Onassis Cultural Centre has within nine years managed to provoke artistic debate among Athenians and tourists alike, starting with Tim Etchell’s bold neon sign that graces its exterior: ‘All we have is words, all we have is worlds’.


Its opening in 2009 coincided with the lowest point in Greek morale, and its role as a catalyst has been transformative and uplifting, elevating Greeks to aspire for the sublime when everything else seemed to be crashing around them. The gourmet restaurant on the top floor matches the innovativeness and high aspirations of the centre’s cultural repertoire.

107-109 Syngrou Ave.
11745 Athens, Greece

T.: + 30 210 900 5 800