Shila Athens

Shila Athens

Shila-Athens, tucked away on the seductively charming Mantzarou street, is an ethereal 1920’s résidence that exudes both mystique and a deep sense of calm. If it were to use one word to describe this hotel particulier, it would be ‘transporting’.


Picture a Tuscan retreat with old-world rustic Mediterranean design elements, wrought-iron and distressed wood. With not a false note in place, it is hard to fathom that this beautiful building is wedged between the bustling Skoufa and Solonos streets. There is a library to retire to for drinks, two garden suites that open onto an inviting, verdant courtyard, and four other suites all distinctly different, exquisitely done up in shades of mint, ochre and sienna. Each room is like a mystery flight: beds seem to float, there’s even a swing in one of the bathrooms!  The decor ranges from blown-up black-and-white photographs to original artworks by Athens-based creatives. That sense of alluring intrigue follows on to the roof-terrace too – there are exotic banana trees and bamboo shoots, marble basins and showers, a shaded drinks area, inviting rattan furniture. Even as we write about it, there’s a part of us that wants to preserve Shila as a little insider secret that only the very few should be privy to.

Shila Athens

Mantzarou 10 Kolonaki,

Tel:+30.210. 363.7 800,


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