Brown Acropol

Brown Acropol

The flagship hotel of Tel Aviv-based Brown Hotels in Greece, the Brown Acropol sits pretty on the newly refurbished Omonoia square, lending a much needed air of retro sophistication and hipster cool to Athens’ commercial district.


The ‘60s bohemian vibe comes through in the earthy, colour palettes and overriding sense of ‘accessible hospitality.’ The building itself, designed by the legendary architect Emmanuel Vourekas is testimony to an oft-overlooked period in Athens’ urban history. Channeling that post-war era narrative into a contemporary aesthetic is what K-Studio was aspiring to, and they do so effortlessly, marrying vintage furniture and bespoke pieces to Greek marble and oak with wit and flair. This 165-bed hotel, we hope, will preserve that bustling, edgy, cosmopolitan character that Omonoia has always stood for and elevate it further.

Brown Acropol:
Panagi Tsaldari 1, Athens