The National Archaelogical Museum

The National Archaelogical Museum

Set in a stunning neo-classical building, the National Archaeological Museum ranks among the world’s most important museums.


It houses the finest collection of Greek antiquities dating from the Neolithic era to Classical periods, including the Ptolemaic era in Egypt. Make time to take in its impressive collection of exquisite sculptures, pottery, jewellery, frescoes and artefacts from all over Greece. The museum’s beautifully presented exhibits are displayed by theme, while the temporary exhibitions make a terrific introduction to the rich legacy of early Greek art. The café provides shady respite, with its palm-fringed gardens evoking a different Greece.

44, 28th of October (Patission) str.,
Athens 106 82
T.: 213 214 4800, 213 214 4856
F.: 210 821 3573