Greek Independence Day in Athens

Greek Independence Day in Athens

Grab your best viewing spot as Athens rolls out the pomp and pageantry of its annual Greek Independence Day celebrations with a series of colourful street parades.

When: March 25th 2024

Where: Syntagma Square and surrounding streets

Why: Every year on the 25th March, Athens takes a day off to celebrate Greek Independence Day, in remembrance of the start of the Greek War of Independence in 1821. For Eastern Orthodoxy, this is also a religious day celebrating the Annunciation. Festivities for the holiday last through the weekend starting on March 23rd with the annual student’s parade.  Athenian youth will be marching past Hellenic Parliament in Syntagma, decked out in their school colours and traditional dress starting around 11am.

On March 25th, The 90-minute grand military parade will commence at 11am and make its way from Vasilissis Amalias Avenue, past the Greek Parliament and the Academy of Athens on Panepistimiou Street to Omonoia. The grand parade includes squadrons from the Hellenic Armed Forces, civil and military marching bands followed by a procession of military vehicles. The parades are attended by the President of Greece and other dignitaries, along with hundreds of locals who gather in city squares all over Athens.

What to eat: Make the most of sunny weather over your three-day weekend to indulge in a tradition dating back to the 15th century – the consumption of salted cod on March 25. Despite being in the middle of the Greek Orthodox Lenten period where eating fish is forbidden, on March 25th the religious holiday of the Annunciation dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a joyful celebration, permits the consumption of fish, oil, and wine amid the 40-day fast. See why-do-greeks-eat-salted-cod-on-march-25

What to do: The Benaki Museum hosts an exhibition dedicated to Greece’s Independence heroes and will be open from 1pm to 8pm. The Acropolis Museum provides free entry on the 25th March in celebration of Greek Independence Day and will be open until 8:00pm.


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