Canto IX

Canto IX

Dr. Tsiodras ©Zervos,

A soft-spoken Doctor is the darling of the masses. John Carr joins the ranks of his adoring fans and pens this glowing tribute!

Let’s hear it, folks, for Dr T,
That modest chappie on tv,
Who every afternoon at six
Unmasks ol’ Covid’s nasty tricks
And lets us know what’s going’ down

Plus how to get rid of our frown
Eventually, when days are clear
And we can finally banish fear.

Sotiris Tsiodras is his name
And worthily deserves his fame.
Unassuming, diffident,
Softly-spoken, reticent.

Please, Dr T, we cannot wait
Till we’re allowed to circulate,
Congregate and ambulate,
Bloviate and osculate,
Or whatever ends in -ate
Without the risk of tempting fate.

But Dr T, he flappeth not,
While others spout the rankest rot,
He says just what he has to say,
Then gets up and just walks away.

No false bombast, no wasted words,
No non sequiturs for the birds,
Oh, what a change from the usual ruck
Of clownish puppets, each one stuck
Fast in the mud of self-esteem
Absorbed in his own private dream.

No celeb T, no swelled-up head,
But a doctor honest and well-bred.

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