Bittersweet Quarantini 

Bittersweet Quarantini 

In another life, until a few weeks ago, he used to cruise the high seas and notch up frequent flier miles as the Director of Hotel Operations for Global Maritime Cruises. Quarantined at home, Elian Clauss now hosts his virtual apéro soirées concocting corona cocktails!

All it takes to craft cutting-edge cocktails is some imagination, argues Elian Clauss, as he shares his home-bartending experiments with Athens Insider. Being isolated shouldn’t be isolating. Invite friends to raise a toast and lift your spirits with your home-made quaffs!

Bittersweet Quarantini

Martini Fiero is a contemporary take on vermouth that combines citrus, bittersweet orange, crisp white wines and wormwood for bold and zesty flavours that pair perfectly with tonic.

  1. Take a long drink glass
  2. 10cl Martini Fiero
  3. 10cl Tonic Water
  4. 1 slice of Fresh Orange
  5. 1 slice of lime
  6. Top up with ice

Selfie by home bartender Elian Clauss

Yia Mas!!

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