Love in the time of Corona

Love in the time of Corona

No social kissing, handshakes or getting physical. Eskimo nose-rubs are out, so are full-on smooches on a blind date.  Since the coronavirus dictates how we move, touch, interact and express ourselves, here’s Insider’s go-to guide to the near zero-contact greeting!

Elbow rubs

You’ve been rubbing shoulders with the desirables. Time to rub elbows now.


The lowly foot gets an upgrade in social interaction – nothing like a pair of soles connecting after a first meeting. Make sure theres no gum stuck to your bottom and no visible holes in your sneakers.

Finger guns

Keep the 1 metre distance rule and those germs at bay with a friendly, yet threatening finger gun gesture  – master it by mimicking a handgun, raising your thumb above your fist to act as a hammer, and one finger pretend-pulling a trigger.

The good old Japanese bow

The lower the better. Bow away to show you care!


You’re still joining hands –  this time just your own together. The Indian greeting offers a convenient out from making physical contact while being distant yet friendly.

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