You don’t need to fly to get ski high

You don’t need to fly to get ski high

For many Greece is the land of sun, sea and whitewashed houses with azur doors; however, come winter, this land also boasts many mountains blanketed in snow.

One of the most popular is Mount Parnassos with its 19 ski runs, 10 trails, restaurants and ski / snowboard schools. The peaks of Kellaria and Fterolakas can be enjoyed by all the family from December to May with the ever-stylish village of Arachova a 24km drive away.  Arachova, nestled on Mt Parnassos, at an altitude of 973 meters and thanks to its proximity to Athens, it’s always buzzing with the in crowd. After you’ve had your fill of the slopes the quaint village’s many restaurants, bars and shops offer great cuisine, dancing on tables and hangovers galore!

Mount Olympus towers over the land at 2917m and its Elatochori Ski center has 6 slopes for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Just 4 hours’ drive from Athens, it’s one of the most convenient of options for those weekends away in the snow.

On Mount Helmos in the Peloponnese, you’ll find Greece’s largest ski resort – Kalavrita. With 12 slopes and all the ski-related facilities you can also enjoy the train taking you from seaside town Diakofto to the main station of picturesque Kalavrita.

The Mount Pelion Ski Center on the Mount by the same name offers 5 ski slopes and après ski galore thanks to the chalets, restaurants, cafes, and bars with the local specialty of tsipouro (don’t drink and ski!)

Often refered to as the new winter Mykonos, it’s not Arachova, but Kaimaktslan on the north of Mount Voras, Thessaloniki. At 2050m with 13 ski runs all the winter activities on and off the slopes are on offer here.

You can go directly your meze by the sun-soaked sea to a few hours later taking to the slopes, and strapping on those skis for the brilliant thrill of nature in white and pure mountain air.



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