The Ornate Finesse of Dassios’ designs

The Ornate Finesse of Dassios’ designs

Dimitris Dassios’ itinerant sartorial style brings alive the sensual vibrance of an Oriental souk with the meticulous tailoring of an Italian couture house. Swarovski crystals, semiprecious gems, Indian zari, cultivated pearls, intricate 19th century Turkish embroidery, mirrors and tassles – and over-sized flowers – find their way into his yesteryear-inspired, on-trend, bold, colour-soaked creations.

Your creations exude a sense of melodrama combined with glamorous insouciance – a study of oversized flowers, vintage beads and shells. Is that an obvious reference to your years in theatre?

Theatre, and generally every form of art, has fascinated me since childhood. And my aesthetics have been profoundly influenced by it. What I do know is that I very much like to confuse different time periods and styles, like fabrics, materials and colours, creating something that I believe is very personal and recognizable.

You’ve had a very distinctive style, weaving a romantic tapestry of your travels and sewing them on to your clothes. Do your clothes tell a story? Do you share it with the wearer or do you let them create their own?

The clothes I design unconsciously carry stories of civilizations. It’s something that I do not do consciously. I am thrilled to create what I learn from performances, my travels and personal experiences. The fact that my customers are ‘transported’ by my clothes gives me great joy. It is a journey they can interpret as they please.

You’ve just launched your boutique in Mykonos and your clothes are sold in 60 countries! For someone with no formal training in fashion design, do you feel a strong sense of validation, achieving the kind of success few Greek designers have, just 13 years since you launched your brand?

My first fashion collection in 2006, was extremely well-received, at several leading fashion venues abroad. It has been a continuing trend since then and I have established the brand worldwide. We have worked with the best fashion retail boutiques abroad. This obviously validates my job and makes me feel good. The new store in Mykonos is a stand-alone Dassios boutique where one can find the complete range of our creations. We wanted a cosmopolitan setting with a Greek identity. That’s why Mykonos was the right choice!

What sunshine fashion essentials do you recommend?

Straw hat, sandals and a kaftan from our summer collection and you’re beach-ready.

Share a recent travel discovery.

I just recently travelled to Madrid – I was transported to a world of baroque which has intensely influenced my next winter collection. The combination of baroque and arabesque elements (that is so unique to Spain), combined with folk tradition is also my signature style.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am inspired by art in all its forms. My greatest joy is the eternal treasure-hunt of seeking out precious fabrics, but also cheap-and cheerful textiles and ethnic paraphernalia from all over the world.

In Athens: Vas. Sofias 35, Kolonaki | Tel: +30. 210. 957.3582
In Mykonos: Boutique Dassios, Kalogera 30, Chora | Tel: +30 22890.29056

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