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Art around the Islands

Sometimes, a unique cultural experience, even an artistic one – can make your summer hols just that little bit more sublime. In fact, combining a dip into azure Greek waters with a dive into art, seems to be a growing trend on the islands. Athens Insider presents the top arty choices you may consider this summer. Prayer [captio...

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WHAT: Age has never been a deterrent to the creative curiosity of the 90-year old conceptual artist. His exhibition ‘Prayer’ at his eponymous Museum on Tinos celebrates the Tree in its various forms. The Costas Tsoclis Museum, housed in a former primary school in Kambos village on Tinos, opened in 2011, as a comprehensive archive of the artist’s wo...

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Fall in love with Folegandros the Free

Melissa Diamond cherishes Friendly Folegandros for many reasons – its tranquility, its hospitality, but most of all, for the precious gift of freedom that this timeless Cycladic treasure bestows on her two young children. My love affair with Folegandros began … When I first travelled there six years ago to visit friends and exp...

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A Magical Tour of Greece. Part 3: Mountains

In the third and final leg of his Magical Tour, John Kittmer takes us atop mountains he has yet to conquer, across inhospitable cliffs that plunge into turbid, inky waters. In my gloomier and lonelier moments in the ambassador’s office in the ugly concrete block of the Athens Embassy, I would part the bomb curtains at the wind...

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Why you should read Polly Samson’s book on Hydra, A Theatre for Dreamers

A brilliant read, full of humour and spontaneity, Polly Samson’s skilled writing offers a fascinating, often voyeuristic account of the sexual jealousy, alcoholism, and bohemian lifestyle that pervaded the creative set in 1960’s Hydra. Recounted through Erica, the daughter of Australia’s tragic literary couple, writers George Johnston and...

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Amorgos, where the Big Blue legend lives on

For a throwback to a simpler, almost monastic way of living – a far-cry from its overly touristic Cycladic neighbours, Amorgos, with its hidden coves, unhurried charms and timeless intrigue still captures the romantic nostalgia of the film that shot it to international fame. But quite frankly, its psimeni raki, that island elixir that mak...

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Historic new Ferry Route for the Ionians

Long arduous ferry journeys between the Ionian islands will be a thing of the past this summer as the popular island cluster is linked for the first time in history by a much-needed new ferry route. From May 1, visitors who would have previously had to travel far out of their way – and usually back to the mainland – can now is...

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