Closer, not Closed: The Onassis Cultural Centre goes digital

Closer, not Closed: The Onassis Cultural Centre goes digital

Onassis Cultural Centre - We stay close, not closed ©Andreas Simopoulos

From April 3, the Onassis Foundation uploads and shares images, discussions, sounds, emotions, sold-out shows, new podcasts, educational programs, virtual cinematic experiences, online courses, secret concerts on its YouTube channel. Take the best seat on the sofa and tune into the Onassis Foundation’s digital channel, with new content made available every Friday, free of charge and with no time limit.

New playlists of the Onassis digital channel:

#On Stage

With “On Stage,” the Onassis Foundation brings back  sold-out theatrical and musical shows showcasing the Onassis Cultural Centre’s and Onassis USA’s amazing repertoire through its new digital platform !

#Onassis Encounters

A meeting with artists, authors, scientists, people who transform the way we think through their works, their lives. Each video is a unique encounter, an opportunity to look at the past but also towards the future.

#Future in Common

A program created for all the things that concern us, starting from today until as far as tomorrow goes, for what fuels our curiosity and energy, for what we have shared for long and for what we want to share in the future. A place where art meets the environmental crisis and fashions meets thoughts, ideas and a three-dimensional world made of digits.

#Onassis Cinema

The curated program “Cinema” consists of selected films by filmmakers who take risks, experiment and redefine the concept of cinema. Hybrid documentaries, short films, powerful stories, including new films are introduced to the public for the first time, as a virtual premiere through our digital channel.

Grab the front row to take in Lena Kitsopoulou singing Rebetika: The Blues of Greece, at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan (2019, or listen to Daniel Mendelsohn’s podcast (2015), browse through the lectures of the Cavafy archive, or learn about sustainability in fashion.

Klangforum Wien_HAPPINESS_MACHINE_9©Andreas Simopoulos


Lena Kitsopoulou, Little Red Riding Hood – The First Blood (2014)
Aris Biniaris, Bacchae by Euripides (2018)
Onassis Youth Festival (2019)

RootlessRoot, Kireru (2012)

Crafting the Future Part A’ (2019)

Guerilla Girls (2017)
Daniel Mendelsohn, Narcissus Now Festival – Onassis USA, Podcast (2015)
Narcissus & Acting with Paul Giamatti and Vanessa Grigoriadis (2015)

Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, From Enlightenment to ‘Enphotonment’ (2016)
CAVAFY ARCHIVE: Organization and Access Policy Workshop “An Unsigned Watercolor” Part A’ (2019)

Tuned City (2018)
Blaine Reininger, Secret Concert (2018)

Bacchae14©Elina Giounanli


Argiro Chioti, Vasistas, Emata by Efthimis Filippou (2014)
Dimitris Karantzas, Ρομπ/Rob by Efthimis Filippou (2018)
Antigone in Ferguson, Antigone Now Festival, Onassis USA (2016)

Patricia Apergi, Aerites Dance Company, Cementary (2017)

Klangforum Wien, Happiness Machine (2019)
Lena Kitsopoulou, Rebetika: The Blues of Greece, Onassis USA (2019)

Werner Herzog (2019)
Christina Karafyllia, the Onassis Scholar that solved two unsolved math problems

Crafting The Future Part B’ (2019)

“Elliniki Nomarchia” or “Hellenic Nomarchy” by an Anonymous Hellene, Italy 1806
CAVAFY ARCHIVEOrganization and Access Policy Workshop “An Unsigned Watercolor” Part B’ (2019)

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