Atrium: A lush, sun-kissed atrium

Atrium: A lush, sun-kissed atrium

The Atrium at Herodion Hotel, at the footsteps of the Acropolis, exudes intimacy and bathes in the clarity of the Athenian light that filters through its sky roof. With its sophisticated approach to Greek cuisine and exquisite works of contemporary Greek art that adorn its walls, here is the place to rekindle your romance.

Done up in exquisitely good taste, the Herodeion has always had a high accent on the arts with its façade doubling up as a mini-art gallery featuring abstract sculptures and bursts of spring bloom, quietly making a statement of the hotel’s lofty aesthetic values. And that is something that comes through in every aspect of the hotel.

The Atrium, tucked at the back of the front lobby reflects the same understated elegance and radiates warmth and intimacy. By day, the space is suffused with light that catches specks of colour off the backgammon boards, books and brightly-hued cushions. By evening, the crackling fireplace permeates the air with the smell of pine and lends the restaurant a cosy, romantic ambiance.
Large wrought-iron chandeliers add a touch of sophistication while the wild pistachio trees piercing the roof remind one that literally the outdoors have been brought in with the glass panels reflecting the green of the garden beyond. A cross between a conservatory and a chalet, the Atrium transports you to a greener, more serene place but with the luxury of stepping on exquisite silk carpets and rugs!

Open all day, the Atrium is a great stop to savour home-made Greek sweets, hot chocolate, flavoured teas and coffee. The restaurant seats upto 60 and also serves lunch and dinner, its compact size making it ideal for a business meal, small corporate event, or for a romantic evening.

Described as an exclusive Greek bistro, the Atrium’s Chef Manolis Mavrigiannakis and Chef Marios Pirpiridis concoct quintessentially Greek dishes infused with fresh ideas and even fresher ingredients. The menu urges you to revisit culinary staples and ends up being a lesson in Greece’s gastronomic geography. Athens Insider recommends the risotto with a touch from Sfakia, sofrito from Corfu, dolmades from Smyrna and pizza from Kimolos!

Most Athenians tend to ignore something that tourists would give an arm and an expensive flight ticket to enjoy – the sight of the Acropolis under a moonlit sky. Well, follow it up with a meal at the Atrium and relive the magic under its starry roof.

Herodion Hotel, Rovertou Galli 4 T: +30 210.923.6832

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