Artfully Delicious

Artfully Delicious

If you haven’t found time yet to road-test Simul at Kolonaki … we have just this to say: Make Time. Simul’s minimal, chic and beautifully-lit space, combined with the venue’s ample natural light, all adds up to a chill, relaxed mood.

What feels really fresh about this likeable venture from chef Nikos Thomas though is his “Mix & Match” menu. It’s food dished up as interactive art. Simul in Latin means “together”, and the “(in) situ” that he’s tagged onto the name alludes to the way in which Thomas rounds off his menu combinations with the best available raw materials of the day. Some of the fusions are surprising and quite ingenious. There’s a flirty playfulness that rescues his mash-ups from pretentiousness. Like:  Hot dog bread with sausage cream, avocado, radish and cheddar. Beetroot salad with carob, dolce gorgonzola, walnuts and rosemary. Falafel smoked trout (!). And the ceviche specialty of the day (fresh marinated raw fish) with lime, chili, cilantro, kelp, grapefruit and afrala from Kythera.

But if you are as mad for ravioli as we are, don’t go past the pumpkin ravioli baked with sage cream and mandarin!  You’ll have to let us know about the house dessert specialty: chocolate eclairs stuffed with chestnut puree.  By that point, there was absolutely no room left at the inn! Expect to pay about €35-50 per person.

Simul, Ypsilantou 63, Kolonaki, is opened daily from 18:00 – 24:00. For bookings, Tel.+30.210.722.4737, Website



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