An Exarcheia resident shares her insider secrets

An Exarcheia resident shares her insider secrets

Exarcheia, the animated and graffiti-soaked neighbourhood in the heart of Athens can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Small business owner Lina Damianidou gives us a look into her Athens, her Nook, a vintage boutique with a curated repertoire of handmade & reworked objects.

What do you do?

With sustainability and circular economy as our guide, we ‘ve created a little nook with vintage, reworked and handmade home decor items and furniture.

What do you see from your balcony?

Well I don’t actually have a balcony, but I do have a beautiful window facing the stairs going up to Lycabettus hill, lots of flowers, lots of dogs and stray cats.

About Exarcheia:

 Your favourite thing about it. And your worst thing about it. 

Well I might be delusional but I feel as if I’m in the center of everything. As if everything happens here first! Social changes, movements, art, music, food. I mean doesn’t it?

People say that Athens isn’t the most dirty town in Europe, but I actually think it’s dirty enough. That’s what I do not like about my neighborhood.

Can you describe a quintessentially Athenian sight, sound and smell? 

It’s not a sight but Athens has little green hills in every area. I love them, particularly, because I love being by myself when I know I’m actually surrounded by people. These hills are the perfect place for that piece of tranquility in the center of the town.

As for the sound it is exactly that. A faded sound of cars and people when you’re actually alone on top of a small hill. Life is near.

We’re not actually famous for our beautiful smells here in the center of the city, but I do love passing by old bookshops and taking a sniff!



What changes (especially in the past ten years) have particularly moved you?

The last 10 years have been particularly hard on our every day lives. So what actually moves me are the people who get together to claim what is lost or sustain what is still meaningful for their neighborhood.

Your favourite picks:

Jimmy’s Hall, Ippokratous. When a bar feels like a family gathering.

Dimas furniture, Mavromichali. When you have the smell of 3 generations in one place.

Deklaro, Zoodochou Pigis. When your most international friend decides to settle down and open up a clothing boutique next to you!

Daydreamers, Mavromihali. When you simply want to look cool!

A perfect evening out would be:

My idea of a perfect evening is simply watching my friend Vassilis carving the wood for his amazing furniture pieces, while we end up drinking a mocktail in the bar (To Bar) next to his shop!

Your fave weekend activity : 

Well, it shouldn’t be hard to guess! I love going to antique shops and the flea markets at Elaionas and Monastiraki!

Athens’ best kept secret?

The Nook is the best kept secret in Athens!

The Nook, Komninon 33, Neapoli

Instagram : thenookconcept

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