A new museum showcasing Alekos Fassianos’ iconic visual style opens in Athens

A new museum showcasing Alekos Fassianos’ iconic visual style opens in Athens

The Alekos Fassianos Museum, a rare example in which the complicity between artist and architect underpins the dialogue between the works and the space that houses them, opened its doors to the public on April 26, 2023. Showcasing the artist’s visual treatise on everyday Greek life in a building designed by his longtime friend, architect Kyriakos Krokos, the Alekos Fassianos Museum promises an immersive experience.

Alekos Fassianos, one of the most widely recognized contemporary Greek artists, was best known for his distinctive anthropocentric style in the 60s. The Fassianos museum building, designed by the brilliant minds of Alekos Fassianos and architect Kyriakos Krokos in the nineties, was long an experimental ground for architectural visions and philosophical principles. Initially, the idea was to renovate the existing family building, located in Metaxourgeio, with a vision to house the Alekos Fassianos Collection.

The whole space is carved out and remodeled cautiously, using a variety of materials and finishes from a colour palette of earthly grays, reds and ochres. Since its creation in the sixties, the building has transformed into a modernist building – one of great importance in the broader architectural landscape of Athens.Filled with colourful visual traces of Fassianos’s trademark style inspired by mythological themes and traditional Greek scenery, and speckled with sculptural lamps, ceramics, furnishings, textiles, paintings, and utilitarian items, the museum offers an insight into the workings of Fassianos’ brilliant mind. Besides housing the Fassianos Collection, the Museum will host exhibitions, talks and educational programmes for children and families, in collaboration with other institutions.

The Alekos Fassianos Museum is located at Neofitou Metaxa 15, Athina 104 39.

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