Where you can fly to and from Greece in May and June

Where you can fly to and from Greece in May and June

Here’s a quick recap of travel dos and don’ts and countries you can fly to and back. Please note that flights are strictly for repatriation purposes or to join families. Travel protocols for tourism will be announced later this month.

Flights banned to the following destinations:

Flights between Greece and seven countries will remain suspended as of now for preventative measures on the Covid-19 pandemic, and non-EU nationals banned from entering Greece, the Civil Aviation Service (CAS) said on Friday.

  • In addition, all international flights must land only at the country’s main airport, the Athens International Airport (AIA).
  • Countries affected by the extension of suspended flights include Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom until May 31 midnight. 
  • All flights to and from Albania, North Macedonia and Turkey are suspended to June 14 midnight. 
  • Until May 31 midnight all international flights are obliged to land at AIA.
  • Exceptions to the suspensions include cargo and emergency flights, military and Frontex flights, and flights to repatriate of Greek nationals, among others.
  • In addition, the ban of entry by non-EU nationals is extended to May 31 midnight. The exception includes family members, citizens of Schengen zone countries, health personnel, and third-country citizens with long-term visas to EU or Schengen countries, civil and defence authorities, humanitarian personnel, airline crew, and any non-EU citizen with a travel permit issued by a Greek consulate.
  • All domestic flights will gradually introduce regular schedules, which were suspended for pandemic reasons, as of May 18 (Monday).

Which airlines have confirmed flights to Athens so far

Despite current widespread travel restrictions, some airlines are slowly resuming services this summer albeit with limited capacity and new rules around social distancing and sanitation.

The carrier said it will restart operations from its Athens hub to Munich, Zurich, Frankfurt and Geneva, initially with a reduced timetable towards end-May. It will also add more flights to Brussels – the only international destination that had not been suspended. Aegean will increase flights in its domestic network from May 18-25, adding capacity to destinations including Iraklio and Hania in Crete, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli and the islands of Rhodes, Corfu, Lesvos, Chios and Samos.
Air Canada
Daily direct flights from Athens to Toronto and Montreal from June 25.
Air France
Air France to fly daily to Athens from May 23 and to Crete from June 27. 5 daily flights to Athens scheduled from July 2 onwards.
American Airlines
American Airlines is resuming transatlantic services with flights from Dallas to Madrid in May and flights to Dublin, London and Athens from Chicago in June.
Etihad Airlines
Etihad is working with the government of UAE to resume regular passenger flights from May 16. “Our aim is to gradually return to a fuller schedule as soon as it is safe for us to do so, but for now, our flights remain suspended and will return on 16 May,” the airline said on its website.
Qatar Airlines
Qatar has maintained flights to at least 30 destinations during April and May and will reinstate services to 80 destinations by the end of June, including flights to Athens, London, Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh.
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines is planning to resume flights to Greece after its ban on passenger flights lifts on 14 June hopes to increase capacity to 99 countries by September.
Wizz Air
From July it will fly from London (Luton) to Faro, Portugal and to Corfu, Heraklion, Rhodes and Zakynthos in Greece. 

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