Where to amp up the romance in Athens? 8 Fool-proof Date Nights

Where to amp up the romance in Athens? 8 Fool-proof Date Nights

Are you a last-minute romantic still searching for some inspiration for Valentine’s Day this year? Athens Insider comes up with  fool-proof Date Nights in the Capital guaranteed to earn you extra credits in the Game of Love this week.

1. Indulge in the Food of Love at Spondi

Aphrodisiacal food? Check. Ultra-seductive ambiance? Check. Spondi, tucked in a beautiful neoclassical home in Pangrati, magnificently channels the romance of yesteryear and sets the stage for long lingering looks and decadent unrushed meals. Choose from an eclectic and satisfying menu that’s ideal for sharing a deux (from scallops with spinach and yuzu to a Jerusalem artichoke consommé and Wagyu black truffle). The service and attention to aesthetic period detail are impeccable too. You’ll want to leave room for that lighter than air Raspberry meringue! A bit on the pricier end, but definitely worth the splurge for fool-proof indulgence! Book here!

Pyrronos 5, 11636, Pagrati, Athens, Greece, tel. : +30 2107 564 021.

2. Cerebral yet Confused? Modern Love At EMST has the answers to your emotional conundrum

Confused navigating the dating world but want to send a clear message to your beloved that you’re not alone in this? Seek humour, solace and solutions at the Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) exhibition that acknowledges the liberating effects of the Internet but also explores the pathologies associated with the commodification of emotion and the challenges of navigating the boundaries between the virtual and the real. Been there? Felt hollowed out? Have your emotions been co-opted by algorithms and market forces?  24 artists from 14 countries reflect on the pathologies and problems afflicting the heart and imagine a way out of our current emotional sterility. We can’t think of a better way to navigate the complexities of modern love – plus you get extra points for coming across as cerebral and deep – something to counter your me me me insta feed, perhaps?

WHEN: Until May 28, 2023.

WHERE: EMST, Kallirois Avenue, tel: +30 211 101 9000, www.emst.gr

3. Fall in love with Chocolate at Gazi

Does the candlelit dinner and flowers scene leave you cold? Dump your ex’s clothes and don on your apron as you surrender to the romance of chocolate. For five days, from the 10th to the 14th of February, the OSY Depot in Gazi will be transformed into a chocolate-themed exhibition, celebrating the theme of love. In a rapidly changing world, there is one constant that we all need – love. And what better way to express it than through the sweet, irresistible combination of love and chocolate.At Chocolate Fest ’23, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in both, as exhibitors, pastry shops, beloved chocolate brands, talented pastry chefs, and artists of taste converge to take you on a delightful journey through their delectable creations. So, come and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable experience.

Chocolate Fest, OSY Bus Depot, Ermou 1 and Peiraos, Gazi. Book here

4. Karaoke serenade at Athens Sports Bar

Can’t put into words how you feel? Then use someone else’s.  Bonnie Tyler, the Bangles, Robert Smith… Rock out with your other half and dust off your best big love ballad at Athens’ most popular and long-running karaoke night at the Athens Sports Bar, about two-minutes walk from the Acropolis metro, in Koukaki. Hosted by the fabulous Fisher Brothers, every Thursday from 8pm, the evening is much loved by both locals and overseas visitors for its infectious party vibe and friendly, non-judgey atmosphere. A great place to make new friends.

Athens Sports Bar, Veikou 3, tel: 210.923.5811, www.athenssportsbar.com

5. Star gazing at the Athens Observatory

National Observatory of Athens. Image: Theofanis Matsopoulos

It worked for Sebastian and Mia (in La La Land). Give your love an interstellar boost with a dazzling observation of the night sky at the National Observatory of Athens using the mighty Doridis telescope. Housed in a building made of marble from the island of Aegina, the Doridis telescope is a refractor with a lens of 40cm in diameter and has a length of 5m. Surely, inducing some celestial charm into your earthly pursuits is the way to seal your romance.

For VIP and evening tours call: 210.349.0160 or 210.349.0055 or e-mail: visitorcenter@noa.gr

6. A Golden Ticket for Magic Mike’s Last Dance

Feeling frisky? Treat your other half to a Gold Class cinema date to see the steamy new Soderbergh film Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The Channing Tatum-led stripper saga sees Mike (Tatum) fall head over heels for Max Mendoza (Salma Hayek), a wealthy single mother who wishes to stage the mother of all strip shows at her estranged husband’s London theatre. And she wants Mike to help choreograph it, thereby realizing his, and their, potential. With Channing and Salma setting the tone for your evening, all you need to do is order a bottle of wine and some movie treats to share during the screening. They’ll be delivered by a waiter as you recline on your ridiculously comfy, super-sized La-z-Boys. Once you’ve gone Gold Class, you’ll never look back. It’s a bit like turning left instead of right as you enter the aeroplane. And at just €20 a ticket, well worth the ride.

For Gold Class Screening Times for Magic Mike, visit HERE

Gold Class Village Cinema, www.villagecinemas.gr

7. Take a romantic stroll through Anafiotika – Athens’ little Greek island …

Romantic Anafiotika. Image: Shutterstock

This gorgeous and tranquil oasis, nestled coyly between the steep walls of the Acropolis and the hustle-bustle of Plaka below gets our heart strings twanged every single time. There are no tavernas or souvenir shops in Anafiotika. Just an enchanting labyrinth of twisty cobbled lanes so narrow in places, that you’ll have no choice but to cosy up just to get through! Anafiotika (which means “little Anafi”) is dotted with the kinds of ramshackle white-washed cottages you’ll see on many Cycladic islands, complete with the obligatory instagram touches: bougainvillea, turquoise doors, bright potted plants and cats slumbering on window sills. Built in the mid 19th century by carpenters and masons summoned by King Otto I from the Cycladic island of Anafi, Anafiotika is a real slice of island village life amid the concrete contours of the capital. Get deliberately lost while you listen to the lively sounds of the city below. You’ll find Anafiotika by following the signs up the hillside from Dionyssiou Aregopagitou Street, next to the Theatre of Dionysos.

8. The Best Things In Life Are Free!

The view from Lycabettus just after sunset. Image: Heracles Kritikos, Shutterstock

Greek sunsets are the stuff of pure poetry. Happiest of all, they don’t cost a penny. Whether you’re “Town” or “Country”, Athens delivers enough Hollywood-worthy sunsets to cast a rosy glow over any Date Night, so grab a bottle of bubbly and let the sun go down on you.

For City Lovers:

Climb the city’s tallest hill, Lycabettus, where you’ll both be rewarded with a spectacular view reaching down to the sea. You might even catch sight of some “Mamma Mia-style” nuptials at the 19th century Saint George chapel, perched on the summit – a popular wedding spot. Meanwhile, on Greek national holidays, on the south-facing slope, two cannons fire 21 times at sunrise and sunset. (But you could always pretend you’d organized them all by yourself!).

For Coast Lovers:

Cape Sounion, 70km from Athens, offers the most rousing seascape imaginable. Perched upon the Attiki headland, nearly 60m above sea level, rest the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon, erected in the Golden Age of Pericles, around 440BC. Discover the nightly symphony of nature that made English poet Lord Byron swoon (his graffiti can still be read among the ancient Doric pillars).

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